10 Enraging Things my Husband said after I’ve been Breastfeeding my daughter All Night!!!

It’s normal for newborns to nurse around the clock but my gal was an exception. She loved to breastfeed so much that she always refused to take a bottle, even one filled with breast milk. From Family to relatives, to friends to colleagues,  all had their own recommendations to hook her to bottle but no “so called” methods could work with her . However hard we kept trying to get her to take a bottle, she simply threw it everytime.
Sometimes it left me very tired to the point i can barely keep my eyes open, Sometimes I used to walk around in a sleep deprived state just to sooth her , Sometimes leaving the house for some work used to make me guilty ! Questions like “What if she is hungry? What if she’s crying inconsolably the whole time I’m gone?” always accompanied me wherever I went!

I still say breastfeeding is a beautiful thing — just may not be 5 a.m. when it’s her third feeding of the night. At times, I used to get irritated with disrupted sleep patterns, all time breast feeding & fatigue. And when my husband used to say any of these things , particularly after a rough night —sorry to say but I felt like saying him, Just Stay away!!!!

1. “I’m exhausted.” Really? Because you got a full eight hours of sleep on the couch, while I was up and down with her all night.

2. “She was up for only once ? You must have slept Well!” Oh yes,  of course, you were the one waking up with her that once too. Was it?

3. “You should just let her cry next time and then she will take the Bottle.” What an idea! In fact, let her wake up the elder one too …Nothing like a baby and cranky toddler — both screaming high — in the middle of the night !!! huhhh!!!

4. “I feel you.” Nope, you don’t. You can’t even imagine what feels like breastfeeding a child all night. Can You?

5. She’s just got to learn she needs to take a bottle.”  Yes, yes she does. So what are you waiting for? Make her learn to adapt a bottle, who stops?

6. This phase is for Just Some Time.” This sometime is really “some” to utter but sounds “much” when u practically live it my dear!

7. OK , No worries, You take rest while she z sleeping during the day!!!” So, does that mean you are the one who’ll be doing the household chores???

8. Explain the benefits of Mother’s Milk. Even I know that Breastfeeding is good for the baby and and I never denied that. But whole night???

9. I sometimes wonder, she is so intelligent to know the difference between breastfeed & bottle.”  You can leave no moment to praise your daughter…

10. “Are you sure the baby is getting enough to eat? Seems like she remains hungry!”  Yes, after all night and why wouldn’t she be???

The truth is no mother doesn’t want to breastfeed her child but at times, she too need a break. Its just that while she z trying her best to take care of this sweet little wonder in her arms, some comments do hit a nerve . There is nothing like the above, that infuriates a breastfeeding Mother.  Is n’t it ? Don’t you agree???

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  1. Jasvinder kaur

    Hi Shokhi,
    This is the article I’ve liked the most from all the amazing sheerparenting posts. Honestly, I haven’t read something as relatable as this for a very long time. I’m a new mom and somehow felt so frustrated and upset sometimes while breastfeeding. You’ve put all that I felt i n exact words.
    Coming to the impression it had on me. In a way it encouraged me to write. If such a famous blogger like you could write about your day to day difficulties and feelings with such ease, It strikes me why not give it a try and as you know this made me submit my first article to you.
    So a big heartfelt thankyou to you. I hope sheerparenting keeps going strong. Cheers to motherhood!

  2. Priyanka Aggarwal

    I actually did not have the experience the breastfeeding bcz i wasn’t able to..but yes i had the experience of bowl n spoon..whole night every two hours sometimes n hour as well has to feed with him and m not able to sleep..sometimes my hubby helped me but he has to attend his office next day so he cannot do this on daily basis..these things make u annoyed some times y…but when he smiles after a feed n sleep so calmly makes me forget the things..feels so relaxed..

    • Yes Priyanka, every Mother do feel relax when she see the smile on her child’s face but at times , a break is needed and when you don’t get that, these words enrage you like anything!!!


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