Top 10 Christmas Activities For Kids

Its Christmas and the perfect time for kids to enjoy their vacation by busy doing the various Christmas activities they love. When Christmas is around, kids enjoy watching decorative items in shops with big Christmas Trees, Santa clause in new avatar, preparing wishlists, singing carols, etc. While parents might worry finding various activities to keep kids busy, the kids may love to go creative during Christmas time.

So, parents just brace yourself to explore the hidden creativity in your child this Christmas. It is so much fun to watch the children making different craft articles on their own and decorate the house. Let’s get them engaged in various craft activities this Christmas season.Here is a list of some simple yet interesting craft activities for kids during Christmas that can make Christmas eve memorable than ever before.

Interesting Christmas Activities for Kids


1. Christmas Tree

You can encourage your child to make Christmas tree and help him make one. You can use chart paper to make a Christmas tree using origami skills too. Ask your child to decorate the Christmas tree using thermocool balls so that the tree looks like it is covered with snow.

2. Greeting cards for Christmas

Greeting cards are all time favorite and kids will really enjoy making one for you or for their friends. Your kid can decorate the Christmas greeting card using card paper, sketch-pens, crayons, etc. and it will be quite an interesting activity for them.

3. Stockings

Hanging stockings attract children a lot on Christmas. This Christmas, you can help them make their own stockings to hang. Stockings can be made easily using 2 pieces of hard paper or cardboard. You can cut the cardboard/hard paper in the shape of stockings. Punch them holding the border so that thin ribbons can run easily through it. Tie the ends (last two) of the ribbon and hang it.

4. Christmas Decorations with Handprints

You can encourage your child to make her/his handprints on a bright colored chart paper. Later you can cut their little handprints and create a wreath so that you can hang them for decoration on Christmas Eve. You can also let your child add some decorative stuff to make it look more beautiful. Kids love to see their creations and get appreciated.

5. Making Deer using Paper Bag

A paper bag can easily turn into a sweet deer. You can put a black or red nose and see how your kids can get creative to decorate their reindeer look really attractive.

6. Stage Performances

Apart from some craft based activities, there are some younger children who are born oerformers and love to perform on stage during Christmas Eve. You can help your child perform on stage where he/she can depict the life of Jesus Christ, know more about his life and teachings. You can even engage him in singing carols, hymns or visit his friends dressed as Santa Clause. He can also distribute sweets to other kids which will not only help him to interact with others but also spread the love.

7. Baking Christmas Cake

You can also engage your child in baking a Christmas cake. it is going to be a wonderful task for them. Children love cakes, muffins, puddings etc. and knowing about how to bake a cake can be an exciting affair for them. Why not bake a cake with them this Christmas and enjoy together?

8. Group Activities

You can also arrange for group activities for your child wherein you can invite your his friends or neighbors. You can organize a lot of activities or games for them like painting, coloring or puzzle activities. A couple of indoor games can also add to fun and it can be a good get together for your child. Who doesn’t love being around friends, isn’t?

9. Field Trips

If possible, plan for a field trip with your kids. Take them to shopping malls to purchase household items that you need every day. Help them understand how to select things they need, check the price, expiry date etc.. This may sound a different outdoor activity altogether, but will definitely help your child gain practical knowledge. After they finish shopping around, try to appreciate them for their smart purchase.

10. Exercises/Yoga

You can also organize a get together wherein you can help kids learn yoga, self-defense techniques or other exercises. This will help your child learn the importance of being healthy through exercise.

Make sure your child enjoys the vacations, learn something out of what he engages in and try to encourage him in whichever Christmas activities he is interested in.

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