The Biggest Parenting Trends to Watch Out In 2017

Not every child is same and so does the parents. Every parent doesn’t follow the same techniques to bring up his child but has his own parenting skills, styles and techniques. Thus, in a scenario where every family has its own customs and traditions, declaring a particular set of techniques as the top parenting information is incorrect.

You will be surprised to know that like everything being in trend for a particular period, even the Indian parenting community experiences trends every year. These parenting trends keep on evolving every year as a result of the advancements being carried out in every sector of life. Wonder what are the Latest Parenting Trends this year? Well, here is a complete list for you to refer!

List of the biggest parenting trends of 2017:

1.   Parents being more alert about the Safety of their Kids:

2017 has seen parents being more alert about the safety of their kids. Call it the result of the unfortunate incidents happening with kids all around (be it the school, neighborhood, daycare, etc.), or the precautionary measures taken by parents, parents are not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to the safety of their kids.

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2.   Working moms taking kids to work:

In the year 2017, working supermoms in India are no more hesitant to bring their younger ones at work. We have talked about the importance of balance between work and family life earlier too. This is taking a practical shape by mothers taking their children to work. From mid-sized to renowned companies, we often observe child-care or baby-sitting units. The mothers are confident enough to carry their child to work definitely ace at parenting skills.

3.   Baby Names:

Parents now look for either totally unique or completely traditional names for their kids. There is simply a no-no for anyway in the middle. Parents prefer names that stand out. Our generation had so many Anjalis and Rahuls, but now we have kids being named as Adiraaj, Harshwardhan, Yuvraaj, Maithli, Tejaswi, etc. There is also a growing trend of naming kids after a mix of parents’ names. For example, if the father’s name is Praveen and mother’s name is Ruchi, they might name their baby girl Prachi.

4.   Play and Learn:

As years pass by, new ways of teaching kids several skills are springing up. Nowadays, parents prefer to teach their kids through some playful techniques. It is a way of combining the element of fun with learning so that your kid stays involved and learns through play. Activity boxes, cue math classes are classic examples of this!

5.   More outdoor activities:

Over the time parents have realized the ill-effects of screen time on kids and thus, 2017 sees the trend of parents indulging themselves and their kids in more outdoor, sports and recreational activities such as skating, rowing or athletics. This not only brings a healthy lifestyle to the family but also keeps kids as well as parents, away from depressive thoughts.

6.   Gender Neutral Toys:

Centuries have passed but none could change the association of particular types of toys with genders, like Barbie dolls are for girls while hot wheels are for boys. But this is not how it’s going to be in 2017 and onwards. Parents are opting for gender-neutral toys. They are giving their kids a chance to choose the type of toys they want to play with. Parents are seen buying kitchen sets for their boys and robots or mechanics for their girls!

7.   Expert Nannies:

The criterion for which parents are hiring nannies for their kids has evolved greatly. Earlier the criteria to hire a nanny revolved around the hygiene and health of the nanny so as to ensure that the child is safe in her hands. However, 2017 experiences a great change in the criteria as well to hire a nanny for the kid. Apart from hygiene and health, parents have a preference for nannies who have medical licenses, ability to speak properly, a proper educational background and are verified from the police.

8.   No More Sharenting:

Over the past few years it was observed that people were so involved in the world of social media that even before the kids were born, they had their own social media accounts. This trend has been very disturbing as parents were shaping up the personality of their kids even before they were even capable of doing that. This is what’s called sharenting. However, 2017 has seen a positive trend in this category where sharenting has taken a backseat. Parents have now realized the bad consequences of it and have said a strict no-no to it. As a result, their kids will have time to develop their own personalities and be their real selves on social media.

9.   Work at Home Trend:

2017 is seeing more dads working at home. Just to spend time with their family more of the working dads are opting to work from home so that they can bond better with their babies. Some dads are even opting work from home to ensure that their wife’s career doesn’t take a backseat. This is leading to a great mutual bonding and family love.

10. Sabbatical Lives:

In 2017, Indian Parenting Community will experience a trend that will help parents and kids to bond with each other to a greater extent. Professional parents are seen taking longer leaves from their work to spend time with their kids. This has also resulted in the propensity to save among the parents so that they can live comfortably with their kids while they are off from work.

Thus, these are the hot Parenting Trends for 2017 in the Indian Parenting Community. However, again, the topic of parenting skills or trends is subjective and we cannot really name any information as the top parenting information, but we are sure of one thing that 2017 will experience a positive trend in Parenting. Parents will spend more time with their kids and will provide them a healthy and happy environment along with some playful learning sessions.

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    • Thank you so much Nancy. Yes, when we look back we realize that time has changed the entire face of parenting but one thing that has always been a part of it is the Bond of Love between Parents & Children. Happy Parenting 🙂

  1. Wow, Shokhi you have hit the nail right. some of these trends I notice in my everyday life as well. Parenting has changed a lot and the way parents are working around kids is amazing.

  2. I loved this synopsis of parenting trend. trust me this covers the most of the point which we parent have seen and gone thru. Especially child safety. Thanks for sharing this post with me.


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