Celebrate the Elegance of Womanhood

A beautiful journey that I have lived till date …

Embracing all the love and nurture all that I overwhelmingly received, I could never realize how different the world looks from the eyes of a woman. It is only when I grew up to be a Woman and embraced this beautiful World, I cherished my life more than I ever had.

With the world leading with women, you cannot really imagine a single day without them!  Be it your mother, sister, friend, wife or daughter, it is only a woman who can complete your world.

Brigham Young once said, You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”  That’s the power and elegance of womanhood!

Women are the real architects who shape their own lives and the lives of people connected to them. Men build houses but it is the women that make them Home. Men build societies to live in but it is the women who build care and sympathy so that everyone can happily live in that society. The first ever school that each child learns from is his mother’s arms and it is only the women who empower their children to be thorough and responsible citizens of the country.  An inherent part of the world that we live in, it is the Women who have contributed their lives for following the legacy of our heretics.

If you are calling a woman inferior to a man just because of the less muscular strength she holds, let me tell you, a woman can be much superior to anybody on this earth for being mentally and emotionally strong!

Can anybody sacrifice her entire life just for the sake of well-being of your kids? You may not, but a Woman can!

Can anybody lose his sleep just to let others sleep peacefully? No, but a Woman can and she always do!

Can anybody handle the household chores and the office errands as well, without giving hints of how difficult and hectic life is and still manage to smile? Nobody can, but Women definitely do it every day!

This is the elegance and the hidden power of woman, who gives you courage, strength, focus, determination, self-confidence and enthusiasm. Not only this, at the same time you are cherished with love, enlightenment, warmth, care, affection, adoration, peace and humanity as well.

However, one thing that these wonderful creatures never forget is, despite all the power that Women have got, it is their subtle nature that always stay with them without crossing the thin line of pride to ego.

To mark the importance of the beautiful souls God have created, the world celebrates International Women’s Day to salute each of the women who has forfeited and loved her family, friends and colleagues. It is a day to remember women, who have loved people more than they have ever loved themselves. It is a day to cherish and remember every single lady, be she a teacher, nanny, grandma, mother, sister, friend, aunt, wife, girlfriend or daughter. She ought to stand with you always and forever to support and care you, to strive best for the betterment of the future and make this place beautiful and serene to relish the lovely lives you have been granted.

I, with all due respect, salute each woman who has contributed herself in some way for the betterment of the society. The elegance of womanhood lies within. I am glad and equally proud that I am born a girl, have been raised by a beautiful woman and granted with two lovely blessings, my daughters, who have made my small little universe a place where I always wanted to be!

I couldn’t thank God enough for blessing me with the beautiful journey that I have lived till date ……..       

I am all set to celebrate the Elegance of Womanhood! Are you too?                             


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