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Craft Activity for Kids - Make Colorful Bird House

Craft Activity for Kids – Make Colorful Bird House

Summer holidays are already here and it is the prime concern of caring parents about how to keep the kids busy in the house. You cannot let them play in this heat and cannot also ask them to get bored by doing nothing (watching TV all the day is never a good idea!). Craft is not just good time-pass activity but at the same time extremely educative. This idea of making his own bird house will let your kid get close to nature. The specialty of this project is that you can make this with basic things available at home. Just be careful towards the security of your little ones and participate in the project when the use of pen knife and the hot glue gun is required.

Things you will need to make the Colorful Bird House:

  • One empty carton juice

  • Craft sticks (or you can use round ended ice cream sticks)
  • A small sheet of foam
  • Acrylic colors (according to the kids’ choice)
  • Painting brush
  • White primer paint
  • Black marker pen
  • Pen knife
  • A small bowl
  • Satin ribbon
  • Hot glue (with the glue gun)
  • Seeds for birds


You will begin with rinsing the carton and then let it dry out in the sun so that all the moisture is removed. Then use the bowl and marker pen to make an arc at the lower middle portion of the carton. This portion of the carton is to be cut off to make the door of the birdhouse.It is suggested that the parents do this cutting as kids must not be allowed to handle the sharp pen knife.

Now, the basic structure of the birdhouse is ready and it is time to put on the primer color. The kids will have lots of fun in applying the base color on their own with the professional paint brush. Let the painted bird house dry up.

It is time to make a nice roof for the house and for that you will need the sheet of foam. The sheet must be rectangular and long enough to fit as the roof over the carton. Use hot glue to fix the craft sticks (or the ice cream sticks) one after another to the foam sheet and make sure that no space is left in between two sticks. Once the glue dries up, paint the sticks with bright colors. Bright colors will attract the birds towards the house and it will look nice as well.

By this time the primer paint has dried up and the kids can now color the entire house with the colors of their choice. Taking a light colored base makes the decoration part easy.  Finishing touches with acrylic colors can be done after this and the kids can draw patterns around the door of the birdhouse and decorate it with their little imaginations.

Tie the ribbon through the roof so that the colorful bird house can be easily hanged from a tree branch or a hook in your balcony.

Put the seeds inside the carton and let your kids wait for the arrival of their guests!

I am sure this craft activity will bring smile to their faces whenever they see this colorful bird house! 🙂

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  1. Richi Agarwal

    Making bird house idea to keep the child engage is really very good , easy ,creative and innovative. It will give an immense feeling of happiness as birds will chrip in the house. Too good.


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