‘Do women want to be treated specially or equally? – Do men know the difference?’

When a woman wants you to compliment her or make her feel precious or when she wants you to be her protective shield, Is she demanding much more than what actually come under the principle of equality ??? The irony is Men don’t even know what Equality means! Equality has nothing to do with the above feelings for these are purely the gestures of courtesy and love on part of a man to his woman. I believe the soul is gender neutral and love is gender blind… Let’s not try allocating genders to them!!!!

Men don’t know the difference for if they ever knew, they would have understood women want! Of course, Women want equality, but not as some feminist advocates proclaims for! Women want to be valued for what they can do and not for their gender.  Woman is tired of proving her capabilities and all she expects is to give her an eye of respect! She wants you men to accept the fact that if she can be a plethora of love at one side, she can be strongly determined on the other. If she can be good with raising children and running a family, she can rule a country too and I am not advocating this without any proofs! If she can adjust within her family budget, she can formulate strategies for your company too. She just wants the freedom to choose what she wants to do and that’s what she calls Equality.

It doesn’t matter who does the work, be it man or woman! It’s all about labeling any work for a particular gender that woman has raised her voice against! Why can’t be a man a ‘Stay at home dad’ ? Why can’t a woman be the sole bread winner for the family and the man raise kids? Today, India has more number of female graduates and post graduates as compared to the males, but still when a woman works, her ability of raising her kids as a mother is questioned , Why? Why can’t she be free from other’s judgement?

To us, the women, Equality means being treated Equal and if men think that we want to be treated like them, forget it! The truth is a man doesn’t even know how to treat another man well and when it is so , why would we women want this for us ?  Have you ever seen men complimenting each other, encouraging each other or smiling at each other while greeting? Have you? I strongly feel that women understand the true language of humanity better than the men and that’s the reason she just want to be treated with Equality……. It has nothing to do with being treated like how men treat themselves!!!

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