Dusshera means “Dasha- hara”- the remover of bad fate…. Does it really mean the same today?

Dusshera is popularly known Vijayadashami where Vijaya means winning over and dashami means the tenth day. After revering our Goddesses for nine continuous days, Dussehra is celebrated across the country on the tenth day after the festival of Navratri. The celebration brings a sense of satisfaction and pride as we have empowered every quality to win over the hardest and the toughest situations to banish the evil.

The festival of Navratri is celebrated for nine days. The carnival is a symbol of annihilating evil that constantly propagates around us and rejoicing the good nature that helps in wellbeing of our lives. Basically, the nine days are alienated in three categories – sattva, rajas and tamas. Tamas is through the first three days of Navratri when Goddesses Kali and Durga are vicious and aggressive. Rajas is from the fourth to sixth day when Lakshmi is worshipped for prosperity. During the seventh to ninth day, we adulate , Goddess Saraswati for showering us with enlightenment and knowledge. It is believed that worshipping Goddesses through the nine days of Navratri brings power, liberation and better fate. Dusshera is enjoyed on the tenth of Navratri.

According to Ramayana, Ravana was killed by Ram on the day of Dusshera. As Ravana was evil by nature, Ram had to kill him to save the Earth from his sinful grafts as he also had abducted Sita, Ram’s wife. Hence, this day is celebrated with victory as the immoral was killed by the moral. On the day of Dusshera, everybody across the country organize Ramleela to enact Ramayana and celebrate killing of Ravana.

Killing Ravana brings contentment in every person’s mind that they have the power to banish the evil . The festival brings a sense in the observances of people that now is the time to demolish the bad. Parents must teach their kids to celebrate the festival and spread joy and love among the others. They must explain the importance of Dusshera to their children and instill them to always follow good paths and never do anything that would hurt others and considered deprave.

We enjoy the festival of Dusshera to exile the sins; however, do we really evict those acts entirely? We constantly hear about crimes, corruption and delinquencies happening around us; have we really tried eradicating them from the root?

It seems people today have become selfish as they hardly have any time left for them to live. With the increasing crimes, I personally believe we should not wait for others to take the lead and then follow them. This is our country, this is our motherland; it is our liability and responsibility to take complete care of her. For instance, the trees and the nature area gift to us; hence, It is we who need to take a step to protect them. Start your good life by sharing with others. Being cunning and selfish has never contributed well to anybody’s life. Just do your bit, that’s the key! For Instance,  Help an old man crossing the road or assist somebody who is in pain.

Ravana was an evil nature person as he liked troubling others; hence, he had to see a bad fate. If we make any sin, we will have to pay for it someday, if not today then tomorrow. Teach your kids to start helping and loving others. There is no joy in hurting anybody or performing any malicious act. A sinned person will always be left alone! If every parent inscribes the minds of their kids to follow only good and respectable paths, we can see a future without any crimes or attacks.

Let this year Dusshera bring a fresh new start to your life. Spread love, hope and joy among each other. Stay united and live without any regrets.

If you are good to others, people would be good to you; bring a spirit of brotherhood in each one of you.

Just be good and fear no man!

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