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Educate Your Child about Good Touch Bad Touch

Educate Your Child about Good Touch Bad Touch

As parents, it is our responsibility to keep our children safe and secure. But are the harmful elements only restricted to their eating habits, playing activities, hygiene and health issues, etc.? Well, safeguarding your kids is actually much more from that.  Protecting your kids is way ahead than taking proper precautions with what they eat, where they play, what activities they do. This is because such precautions only ensure their physical development and growth but what about their mental growth and development? Isn’t it your duty to safeguard your child against any child abuse that may have a greater impact on his mind and mental development? Shouldn’t you make your child understand what to accept and what to reject? Shouldn’t you educate him/her about Good Touch Bad Touch?

Child Abuse in India has been on rising with each passing day and there is no scarcity of reports with appropriate statistics to confirm the same. According to the data released, around 53% of Indian children suffer from sexual abuse. And the biggest irony is that most of these kids fall prey of the lust of their own relatives or neighbours. The data also revealed that there were instances where kids spoke up about the harm done to them but parents ignored the early signs. If not parents, who the child will turn up to in case of any harm happening to him/her?

There are many things peculiar to a great country like India, but alas, not all of them are a reason of pride! One such thing is gender discrimination! Yes, even in cases of child abuse, parents often presume that it can only happen with girls but beware! Even boys are not spared when it comes to sexually abusing children. Child abuse matters are common to both boys and girls alike. No matter what gender your kid belongs to, safeguarding him/her from becoming child abuse victims is the need of the hour today! As the first step in this direction, explain and teach your child about Good Touch Bad Touch.

Many parents find it difficult to talk to their kids freely on this topic, but it is very important to start a convenient conversation. A proper education of Good touch Bad touch will help your child differentiate between the two and stay safe.

Here are six important tips that can help you educate your child about Good Touch Bad Touch:

Talk to Your Kids

To make sure your kids remain safe from child abuse, it is important to open up with them on the topic from a very young age. Start with a story and end up explaining them about what good touch bad touch is all about. Once they understand the concept, explain to them what to do if they experience Bad touch.  Even if they will not be able to tackle the entire situation themselves, a pre-knowledge of this will definitely help them raise an alarm to any abusing activity.

Inform Your Kids about Private Parts

This is tough but important. Let your child be aware of his/her private parts. Follow the “Swim Suit” rule to do so. The rule makes easier for kids to understand private parts. You can tell them that the parts of the body that swimsuit covers are private parts. This is the simplest and the best way to explain the concept of private parts to them.

Tell Your Kids They Own Their Body

You might have observed kids having a sense of belongingness for the things they own, like toys, clothes, etc. A similar feeling needs to be inculcated in them when it comes to their body. As soon as they know their body is their own, they will understand that nobody has the right to touch it without their permission. Hence, as parents, it is your duty to help your kids understand that they are the owner of their body and have full right to it.

Pictorial representation to teach your Child about Good Touch Bad Touch
Tips to Teach Your Child about Good Touch Bad Touch

Make Your Kids Realise Their Sixth Sense

Each one of us has a sixth sense, but in varied degree. In some people, it is very strong while in others, it is just moderate. When it comes to identify bad touch, this extra sense does wonders. Make your kids aware of that extra sense. This may assist them in understanding if a person is touching them with bad intentions. If they are comfortable with someone touching them, it is a good touch while if they feel bad or something negative about someone’s touch and aren’t comfortable with it, it surely is a bad touch.

Teach Your Kid to Say ‘No’

When you educate your child about Bad Touch, it is also important to teach him/her to say a ‘No’ if anybody tries to touch him/her with bad intentions. There are children who stay quiet in such situations. This is because they don’t know what best they can do about it. Make it clear to your kid that they need to say a ‘No’ whenever they experience a Bad Touch and raise an alarm for the same.

Make Your Kid Feel Free to Share

In many cases of child abuse, it is seen that children don’t share anything with parents. Make your kid feel free to share such experiences. You need to become friends with your kids if you want them to speak their heart out. Mostly, kids do not tell their parents anything because of their ignorance in such matters while in some cases, children develop a sense of disbelief in their parents and feel guilty about the abuse happening with them. Encourage your child to share all that happens with him/her. Listen to them and make them comfortable enough so that they talk to you and are able to gather the courage to fight against all odds.

Give them the confidence that they can confide in you. Never judge or blame them, rather assure them that no matter what, you will always be at their side! There is no better feeling than knowing you have someone supporting you, loving you, unconditionally always!

Let us work together to give our kids the world they deserve!

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  1. Very insightful post, must needed. I am glad today schools take initiatives to teach kids as young as 3-4 yra old about good touch bad touch
    They also counsel parents to gauge a miss…. lovely post.

  2. This is an amazing post I was looking for some tips to talk to my daughter about this. Now this post will be a great help. Thank you for sharing.


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