Envia Charm Facial by VLCC

Wish I could see my face being pampered to launch a hundred ships, unlike the famous thousands. Fortunately, I could smell the orange peel and feel the cucumber piece being put on my eyes to soothe. But this experience at VLCC seems to be a bit different from what I was doing myself almost as a DIY project. I thought all deep cleansings, washing and glow skins were jargons. At least for me, as of now, they were!

But now I am convinced of the change of an amateur and a professional. Am I about to doze off? Possibly yes! And the beautician could sense that from my yawn like expression when she said ‘don’t worry; enjoy a sojourn.’ Great, usually I never get that kind of cajoling or prompting at home to destress and relax.

That visit to VLCC was a culmination of the bet being fulfilled. A gamble whether I could stay put with sealed lips during the treatment to check whether my face would glow, againt to have few heads at least to be turned! 😉

The ambiance was alluring, many beautiful faces being treated or waiting to be treated. A sense of determination to excel was there on every face. A sense of self-confidence.  An exuberating air of women empowered.  Hey, where all I got these poetic lines when being touched, rubbed, scrubbed, scraped, etc? I can’t be sure as I was temporarily blinded.

In fact, I did a recce a few days back looking at those beauties getting out of the center, and those getting in. Think l got a panoramic view of ‘after and before.’ And I got few good reviews from my friends and acquaintances. (Wish I could talk to my foes as well, but they were floating after the treatment)

I would like to thank WorldofMoms for offering me the opportunity to review the Envia Charm Facial by VLCC recently. Since it was right after Holi, it was the perfect time to pamper that colored face of mine. My appointment was pre-scheduled by WorldofMoms at VLCC, Sec 18 branch, Noida. To my surprise, I was right in time! 😉

The moment I entered the VLCC Centre, the ladies at the front desk greeted me warmly and offered refreshments. I had a great time talking to Dr. Shruti, the dermatologist there. We discussed a lot about skin care, pigmentation, tanning and anti-ageing creams too ( well, not applied to me, though 😛  )! I had all the time with me, still to keep up the trend, told the charming staff at VLCC to get an express facial. Then I realised that was an unnecessary as they are professional and care for a time. The dermatologist suggested me to take the Envia Charm Facial.  The staff asked me to wait for a couple of minutes till the room was getting ready.

The room was clean, hygienic and bigger enough to assure privacy. A smiling beautician welcomed me and gave me the apron. I changed and then it all started. Never knew of those pressure points that put me into such a relaxation mode. I almost slept there. All I remember is a face mask being put on and peeled off, think she was talking to me all niceties, not sure how much sank in! After the facial,  I felt an instant glow on my face. I then had a chance to glance at the mirror and couldn’t help uttering, Wow! Time to take a selfie, why not? And that new Two thousand and a Five hundred note were worth for the glowing and friendly treatment. Getting out of that ambiance, clean and hygienic to the spacious parking, unknowingly I felt more confident, and don’t blame it on me, please!

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