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First Holi After Marriage

First Holi After Marriage

People say life of a girl changes after marriage and so does that of the groom. There are new people in the house, new relationships, new relatives, new rules, new friends and not to forget, new customs and traditions. No matter if the post-marriage rituals are already over, the Newly Wedded Couple is always in the limelight. Although we celebrate festivals for the same old reasons, yet the new relationships make each of them so different. Every first festival after marriage has its own joy. Let it be Diwali, Ganapati, Dussehra, Gudi Padwa, Makar Sankranti…..each celebration is a little more special, a little more extraordinary! But if the festival is your first Holi after marriage, you just can’t resist the fun and the enjoyment this festival of colors will bring to you!

The colorful festival makes you go gaga over the pre-celebration arrangement. Right from picking the best dress to make you look modest yet traditional, finding the right pair of sandals, perfect hairstyle to interesting makeup, you want to look the very best for your husband and your new family. You are no more the carefree girl who just grabs anything and turns on the happy-go-lucky attitude. After marriage, ensure that the choice of style you wear for festivals are as per the likings of your family members. Your first Holi after marriage definitely stands unique and fascinating than the ones you have ever played in the past.

Enchanting the best moments of the newly wedded life, the festival of Holi gives you an estranged bliss. There are no cultural biases as the festival only lets you relish the colors. The love and happiness that you received during your marriage surely let the celebration mark as its pinnacle. A chance to get drained in the color of love of your new family, Holi brings to you the auspicious freedom to choose the correct colors for spreading love and happiness.

Now, once you know the importance of the first festivals, especially first Holi after marriage, let’s get started with your preparation for this auspicious day.

Preparations for Playing Holi

Get up early morning and wear the most comfortable traditional dress. Lift your face with slight makeup and the most cheerful smile. Wake everyone up and ask them to get ready. Have a small puja with everybody at home and ask God for the best of health and happiness. If you are living in a nuclear family, try to make your in-laws and relatives a part of your happiness for this day.

After you complete the puja, prepare yourself to actually play the colorful Holi. Apply a little oil on your body and oil your hair properly. This will work as a safeguard against the colors you will be playing with. As it is your first holi, you would be attracting many eyes towards you; wear something traditional yet appealing. Do not overdo your hair or accessorize yourself more than necessary. Wear an outfit that covers the maximum part of your body but don’t apply any makeup. The colors with the makeup can become a big disaster! Be as simple as you can. And yes, don’t forget to wear a smile on your face!

Some Do’s & Don’ts

If there are too many people coming to your house, welcome them with grace. The more easy and natural you are with them, the easier it would be for you to blend with them. Don’t forget the kids. Pay attention to them and serve them with all the love. Serve everyone with beverages ( ‘Tea’ or the Holi special ‘Thandai’), snacks and sweets. Let them have their stomachs full before playing. ‘Give’ is the only way to ‘get back’. Hence, give as much warmth as possible to become a great part of their lives.

Your friends or your husband might indulge you in some Bhaang but don’t get carried away. You are the limelight of the show and would not like to get completely whacked before even starting to play. Your family will not say it to you, they definitely expect you to be at your best behavior. Remember, you are not only married to your husband but even to his family now. So, their pride is in your pride. To be wise and smart are two of the most indistinctive qualities you will have to live with post-marriage, especially during such celebrations.

Pour yourself in the magic of colors. Try to be the right hostess by using the right colors. You will not want any of your family members to suffer from skin problems later. Hence, as per their skin type, suggest them to apply sunscreen or oil on their bodies too. Also, have the best colors than the old petrifying ones. With everybody now being skin-conscious, try having herbal colors. You have them in various colors just like the regular ones. Say a big fat ‘NO’ to oil colors. Although the festival is to get immersed in the dignified shades of Holi, it is always better to have a safe festival than being tensed for all the unwanted reasons later.

Tap your Feet …..Gracefully

As the festival of Holi is full of excitement and enthusiasm, sound and music is inevitable. You are no more the bindaas girl who just gets the hair down and blends herself in the loud music. Having simple dance moves with your family members has its own charm. Try to engage them too in the music and you will find a new YOU in yourself.

Spice it Up with Love

Once you are already drenched in color completely, do not just go home and clean yourself up. Men are men after all! They always love their girls to get naughty and mischievous. What are you waiting for then? This might be a bigger leap if you are in an arranged marriage but, he is your husband! Why should he always initiate and fill the room with excitement?

Write a raunchy letter to him with various colors or play with him a game like Treasure Hunt where he will have to find you with the help of different colors and clues. Don’t be a boring couple! Spice up your life in this festival of colors. Bring the different naughty yet exciting shades to not only your lobe but even to your relationship. There is nothing more exciting than happily playing Holi with your husband with all your heart! Drop the veil of shyness and bring out the bold and awe-inspiring girl within you to let your husband fall head over heels for you once again.


There is immense responsibility when it comes to being the new bride. However, just get out of your cocoon of comfort and put the best face of confidence and warmth. You might have to forget yourself for a while. Always be the one to bring in the positive change. Remember, you have the power to bring sheer happiness and enlightenment in your house. Keeping yourself as the second priority can often be difficult but finding happiness in the smiles of your family members will surely enlighten your festivals, relationships and your small new world!

Wish you and your family a very Happy & Colorful Holi!

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