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For My Father -"The First Man in my Life"!!!!

For My Father -“The First Man in my Life”!!!!

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and have been from always an apple of my Father’s Eye ( I really meant the usage of present tense here !!! 🙂 ). My Childhood is filled with wonderful memories of the past and all had a part of him in them. After all , Is there anything sweeter than the daddy cuddles?

He’d sit, listen and laugh with us until his stomach hurt, he would do really small things that still make our lives fun, happy, and entertaining. We were three sisters and none of us ever needed to demand anything from him as he fulfilled our every dream even before we could speak to him about that! I really do not know what to say about my father. Just mean it when I say I really Love Him. He loves us naturally and keeps worrying about us even when we got married. Although I am married and a mother of two, he still treats me as if I am his little girl. 🙂

He did everything possible to ensure that his precious ones are happy and safe forever. He never allowed problems, if any, with us to fester & grow. He was from always a pillar of strength! No matter what we said or did, we knew for a fact that he will always be there to support us and it was his confidence in us that made us more self-confident and independent human beings. The space and choice that he provided us at an early age – to do what we wanted & to speak our mind encouraged us to develop our own individuality.

I was the eldest of  the three and had dreams to do something remarkable. I got admission to a renowned college and left home to complete my masters. But all the while, I remained connected to my parents. The first semester was about to be over and exams were going on.  I had my first Exam that day and as always called up at Home. Don’t know why, but felt something fishy when my sister gave me weird reasons as to why my parents could not come over to attend the call. I consoled myself saying I might be over thinking. Two days passed and no call came from home instead I had calls from different relatives and strangely, everyone had the same questions inquiring about my well being and exams, as if my exams were a national affair… huh!!!!

All this felt awkward to me but I didn’t pay much attention to all this as I was busy with my studies. Finally, it was my last Exam and I was very happy not only because it was the last Exam but also, the day to be at home was near. I called up at home but none picked the call. I tried again and this time my youngest sister picked and upon asking for anyone else, she informed that she is at home with my aunt, who is busy in the kitchen and everyone else has gone to the hospital !  Hospital ???? Did I hear it right ??? To my despair, Yes!!! My Father had a stroke 4 days back and I was not informed because I had Exams… at that time I just hated everyone for taking such a decision!!!

My whole life replayed before my eyes as I tried to consume the news. My heart raced a mile a minute.  I realized that there is nothing more important at that point in time. My friends and teachers comprehended my situation but also explained that it was just a matter of 2 hours and I should give the Exam. I wrote my exam but only I knew what I was going through. I was psychologically not there at all.  My mind was continuously searching answers for the questions, “Had I spent enough time  with him?” , “ Do I have enough time left with him?”, “ What would have been the reason for his stroke? ”, “He is too young to have this” “ How my mom must be managing it with both of my sisters?”(Of course, we have a very co-operative extended family from both sides, paternal as well as maternal, but still). I could not think of anything other than being with my father. I rushed back.

Does it always take terrible news for us to wake up? All I Keep praying to God was nothing but give him one more chance, to give US one more chance!!!  In life we get wrapped up into daily routines, checklists, and to dos, that we hardly ever sit back and confess our love to those whom we love so much. God heard ours and he survived as he had a will to !!! We were lucky that God gave us a second chance. Not everyone gets it!!!  It takes two minutes to tell someone you care, but the good feeling stays on for a lot longer. Express your love with your loved ones and for this no time could be better than the present!!!

Time is precious, spend it wisely. Be it with your friends and family or doing the things you love the most, don’t let a moment go by. And when you feel that you are unable to do justice with all of them at a single point in time, it’s only fair to yourself and to your family to allow yourselves assistance and let things take their course.

I love my father. I love him to the Moon n back!!! I hope I am able to be even half the parent that he is !!!

P.S. And Yes, I passed the last Exam I gave !!! 🙂

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  1. Shokhi to be very honest.. I was actually crying reading this post.. I still remember those days.. How hard it was for everyone.. When you use to call.. It was very difficult that time to hide things from you.. God bless you.. Wish you a wonderful life ahead..

  2. Soulfull emotions shokhi
    I also could remember that time!!!
    So being a father I can realize now how parents think and materialize everything best for their little ones.
    This feeling can’t be expressed merely in just words but you did great job to express your mutual feelings.
    One thing I would like to suggest everyone who is reading this post…
    Value your parents when they are healthy, among you , when they can feel and sense your feelings your servings….
    Its give a great pleasure to them..Parents have already given us millions of such moments…
    One thing is fact you can never ever do what your parents actually do without single frown on their forehead.

    Tell me truly how many of you
    could do the same happily as your responsibility like if unluckily they would suffer for such kind of ailments which may require your emmence physical ., emotional ,psychological and social support.
    I still remember how my mom got happy when I wrote a poetry on her and narrated her I could see the happiness in her eyes in form of tears.
    So do something before they leave or they reach in state when they can’t realize.
    I have written about parents.bcoz thing applied to both parents equally.


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