Craft Activity for Kids – Homemade Mini Paper Kites

Kids are attracted towards kites as it is the object that they find flying high in the sky and they love the fact that it can be bought! (Kids these days are smart and they understand that a flying airplane is not a toy!!! 😉 ).

Flying a real kite is not the kids’ task though this does not make them less interested in kites. They are happy to run around the garden holding the string of a kite and imagine themselves to be flying the kite just like grownups.

Delight your kids this summer by involving them into an interesting craft session of making their own homemade “mini paper kites”. The supplies you will need are simple and easily available at home (you may just need to buy the craft paper and paper straw).

Things you will need for homemade mini paper kites:

  • Colorful craft papers (according to the kids’ choice)
  • Twine to make the kite string
  • Paper straws (you will need 2 straws to make each kite)
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Colored string
  • Strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glitter glue (for decoration)


  • Take two craft papers (you can take two different colors) and then cut them into halves along the length. The size will be approximately 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.
  • Spread the strong glue on one side of the colored paper and then place the other piece of paper on top of it. Smooth down the paper by hand and make sure that there are no bubbles in between.
  • Now, use the ruler and pencil to make the shape of a kite on the paper and cut out the kite with the scissors. It will be best to use the plastic scissors as the kids will be safe and will enjoy the cutting part of the project.
  • It is time to add the sticks to make the handle of the kite. Measure the paper sticks (one piece will be according to the length of the kite and the other will be equal to the breadth). Now join these two pieces to form a cross and tie up the joint with the twine. Also, remember to tie an extra length of twine at the joint so that the kite can be handled easily.
  • Use the strong glue to fix the handle with the kite and allow some resting time for the glue to set.
  • Make the tail of the kite with the colored string and tie the decorative ribbons with it. You can ask the kids to make the simple knot with the ribbon and make the tail long and beautiful.

If you are using solid colored craft papers, it will be nice to decorate your mini paper kites by making interesting patterns with glitter glue. The kids are sure to enjoy the finishing decoration! 🙂

You may even ask your kids to make many mini paper kites and present them to their friends as a summer holiday gift. Isn’t it a wonderful fun craft activity that not only keep the kids engaged but also save them from the scorching  summer heat???

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