How I met Your Father – the story unfolds…

I woke up earlier to wish him the day. I said “CONGRATS” … He looked confused but the moment I said, “It doesn’t seem to be 8 years” , he was somewhat relaxed ( And Why not?  My last sentence reminded him of our 8th Engagement Anniversary n he was smart enough to get the clue 😉 ) !!! He wished me the same n the day started with the usual morning hush bush with a plan to celebrate in the evening!!!

While everyone left for the day, I wondered if our kids would ever like to know what’s so special about this day that we celebrate each year. Will they ever know how their father & mother met?

Well, lemme tell them our story today”, I thought and it actually took me back to the day we met! It’s not the kind of a fairy tale one would find in a Disney movie, though, admittedly, that would have been totally wonderful! It isn’t a story quiet like that.

Eight Years back : I was working with an MNC and got a call from my Father informing both my Parents were coming to see me. I was too happy with this and welcomed them with all my heart. We all went to meet my aunt who was my local guardian too. We enjoyed and stayed for a day. After which my Mother broke the news to me stating that I’ll have to extend my leave for a day as they have kept my meeting with a boy along with his parents for the matrimonial purpose! They had nothing but nice things to say about him & his family. I was shocked to hear all that! They didn’t tell me earlier because they were waiting for the horoscopes to match. (Yes, you read it write… they did all this secretly and that was the reason I was highly irritated to go ahead with this!) And to add fuel to the fire, I was advised to visit a beauty parlour. I denied and instead angrily put on hair oil ( How big a fool was I to do that! 🙁 ).

Finally, the day came and I was made to wear a Saree with oiled hair.  (I didn’t understand the fact why on earth the girl need to be dressed in a Saree when she is clearly not comfortable with it) So, one can Imagine how I must be looking!!!  😛 I made up my mind for a rejection because of the stupidity I did the earlier day.  I was trying to look as calm as possible but secretly, I had chills inside!

We kept waiting and they came about half an hour later.  I can’t even begin to list everything that is so odd about the first meet for any arrange marriage. It’s such an embarrassment initially….. And not just ours, but most of the meets are like this only!

Our first meet was a series of awkward smiles, expressions and silences. Everybody’s gaze on me was making me more uncomfortable with each passing minute. It was more of a formal interactive phase, and talks about the superficial things like job, work, respective family structures, etc. Amidst all this, we were given some “alone time” to envisage if we are compatible with each other and can spend the rest of our lives together.( You won’t believe, just 10 mins…. Who the hell can take such a crucial decision for his life in just 10 minutes, but we were made to??) We had a very formal conversation, some very basic questions, the answers to most of which were already there in our Biodatas!!! 😛  I don’t know about him but I found him very simple & genuine. He was very clear about his future goals and seemed devoted to his Family.

We were made to be with our respective families and discuss within ourselves about the final conclusion we reached to (obviously, with that bare 10 mins discussion… huh) ! I wondered – how can someone “figure out” another person in that duration of time? It wasn’t a joke, Was it?

I was asked about my decision. I had no reason to state otherwise. I said, ” I am confused“.My father asked me just one simple question “Then why don’t you marry him”? I couldn’t come up with a single reason to say No. Then My Mother asked “What’s your final take” and I don’t know why but I said OK.  My Father went to his side and asked for a reply and it was a Yes from their side too (to my surprise, of course)!

Our Families danced with joy. I could see the euphoria all over while celebrating the initial engagement ceremony. Their collective wisdom deemed it as destined-to-happen! To be very honest, I was too much confused to actually accept what a big change had happened in my life. Perhaps this had something to do with me as I felt it was too early. He had a Flight & we went to see him off ! We exchange a handshake n all I could say was “Happy Journey, Be Safe” n he replied with “I will call you once I reach”.

That moment I realised I stopped thinkingI and it was a start of thinking WE. I went back home confused, believing the fact that time will reveal what lies ahead for both of us.

And this is how it was all about!!!

As of Today :Today, as we complete 8 years together, I feel our marriage is a sure sign of a decision well made, that I would do it all again. We have two lovely daughters. We’ve had real challenges balanced with great moments of joy. I had gone from no way to yes, from liking to loving. I am now enjoying the fruits of listening to my parents then.

Days, Months, Years just seem to be slipping away with him.  My life wouldn’t have been the same without him by my side. Loving him has improved the quality of my life in so many ways. Now I know that there is no one else with whom I want to be. Life couldn’t get any better! Sometimes I feel what would I ever do without him? I don’t even want to think about it, and I pray that I never have to.  Amen.

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