Yes, I am Fat, yet ‘I Love Myself’ is the Fact!

Yes, I am a Woman, I am Fat and you know what? I don’t crib! Rather, I love Myself and will always keep doing so! Surprised? Shouldn’t be actually!

Today, we have women owing the streets! Whether in beauty or in brains, in business or in profession, in success or in achievements, women are passing with flying colors! I am proud to be born as the stronger version of humans with the power to give birth to another life. I am proud to have the strength to keep my journey on, despite of being criticized for whatever I do. I am proud of my achievements and what I am today! I And most of all,  I am proud of the woman in me and love her every day!

Steve Maraboli rightly said,When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you. Ladies, never allow yourself to be defined by someone’s inability to appreciate your unique beauty.”

People come in all shapes and sizes but almost everywhere you see skinny people as ‘ideal’. To add to the cream are the dangerously skinny celebrities and star kids giving ‘thinspiration’, especially to the teenagers who emulate them.  With all this surrounding you in almost every sphere of life, not fitting into the ‘ideal’ regime is not easy! Being fat is not easy! And living with this fact is not easy at all!

When you are constantly told that being overweight is not good, many a times you start believing it. You adopt a hating self-image and even the smallest of the joke about your weight, jabs you deep inside. And whenever this happens, although you have that smiling curve on your face but within you, you die a little! Yes, a little of you dies with every comment that is made on your body shape and size! But ever thought why is that so? Is it because of your fat? No, it’s because you allow others to hurt you with their words!

Well, my question is, Why do you allow the ‘ideals’ of others decide your self-confidence and self-worth? Does beauty has a weight limit? When you are OK with who you are, why can’t you live happily and enjoy your life? Why are you being judged or identified with the fancy adjectives of ‘fat’, ‘obese’ or ‘overweight’??? Whom do you want to prove and what? Life is not all about fitting in that pair of skinny jeans or looking sexy in that one-piece dress. It’s much more than that! The earlier you realise, the more meaningful your life would be!

Its high time that you love yourself and embrace life with all your heart. Try to find happiness in what you do, who you are and how you look. Always remember, if you don’t know how to be happy, nothing in the world can make you happy, not even your weight loss!

I am proud of myself, my capabilities, my creation, my relationships and the fact that I am able to make an impact in the world.  My photographs might not be what you would call as sexy but I am a woman of courage, a woman of strength, a woman of faith, a woman of determination, a woman who loves herself the way she is! My body is not an apology, it’s just that my relationship with weight is somehow complicated. 🙂 Well, I don’t intend to glorify obesity or shame fitness but all I want to do is accept my fat. I just want people to learn FAT ACCEPTANCE rather than Body shaming themselves or for that matter, others!

I am sure that when life would come to an end,  God will not ask me why didn’t I lose weight but there is every probability of Him asking me why didn’t I love myself? why didn’t I respect the fact that I was born as human? I don’t want to be answerless then! I loved myself yesterday and I love myself today, tomorrow and always!!!

Well, I will not let others judge me because the woman in me knows her worth. I am a woman who can be as complex as simple, can be a symbol of strength yet still yearn for love, can cry entire night and still wish you a good morning with a smiling face, can have million secrets in my heart yet live carefree, can do multitasking but still never complain, can make you mad or can make you fall in love with myself!

One thing I know is that, if not many, at least two pairs of eyes (my daughters’) always look for their ‘ideal’ in me and this is the fact that gives me courage. I admire myself and feel blessed to be a proud lover, a proud wife, a proud mother, a proud sister and above all a proud individual!

There are many worse things in life than Fat. Don’t let anything take away from you the energy and spirit of Life. Cherish all that you have and Live to your best! Despite the fact that I am fat, I love the woman in me and have for her immense Respect! Do you?

Disclaimer: With this post, I don’t intend to glorify obesity or shame fitness in any manner whatsoever. It is all about Fat Acceptance and living life fully!

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  1. This post reminds me of this famous quote – No One Can Pull You Down Unless You Allow Them To. Loved your post, specially when bodyshaming is so rampant and devastating. I am of the opinion – Do not change unless you wish to change yourself for healthy living or anything for that matter. Lovely read.

  2. There was a time when I was taunted for my thin body. And there was a time when I was shamed for gaining weight. Then I decide to let it go from my mind and I started enjoying the way I am. Now, I hardly bother about my weight. I eat what I want to and dress accordingly. I have seen body shaming from both poles and it equally hurts. But as you have said, there are many worse things in life than fat, I have let it go too.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and spreading the positivity.

  3. I can imagine those days when I was 90 kgs. I remember once a sales person straight told me we do not have your size. I asked him first check atleast he said no no. Not there. I felt so bad. But, Unless you let such things affect you no one can harm your mental peace.


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