Importance of a Father’s Love

Fathers contribute to the mental and physical growth of a child as much as mothers. While mother’s love makes us a child a better person, a father’s support instills the self-confidence in a child. The love, affection, and support we receive from our father act as a backbone of our life. Having the love of a father is knowing that there is someone consistently behind you holding your back, there is someone you can always run back to when everything else is failing you, there is someone you can always count upon!

I am in my 30’s and believe me ,even today if I am in some problem, the first person I call for help is My Father. And I am glad to say that he has never, never ever failed to help me out, to be there for me! His love is a need I can never outgrow! He is my  support system! Touchwood!

A Father is a man who secretly smiles when your mother scolds you, and then he tries to calm her so that you’d be off the hook. Father’s love and support are invaluable and priceless. He plays an essential role in the well-being, upbringing and nurturing of a child. A father is a breadwinner, support system and a pillar that holds the house together. No combination of words can define the importance of a father in a child’s life but still, there are a few things that we all should be thankful to our fathers for:

The Provider of the Family:

In a traditional family setting, a father is the head of the household and is responsible for earning the bread. This practice has gone on for centuries but has anyone thought ‘Why does a father do that?’ ‘What does he gain from working away all his youth in order to put food on the table?’ The simplest answer is that a father is a selfless man who works his whole life so that his family can afford three meals a day, his children can go to the best schools in town and there’d be nothing that he won’t be able to provide to his family.

The Role Model:

In most of the families, the father is the role model of the family. He keeps the discipline and ensures the children obey the rules of the house. It is quite evident that most of the children who grow up without a father have some sort of insecurities or lack in confidence or lack of emotional balance. This, especially in case of boys, often lands them in trouble because there’s no high authority at home to stop them.

It is common for girls to want a life partner who is similar to their fathers in terms of personality or to look for the qualities of their fathers in their life partners. Well, Is there anything that can better define the importance of a father in the life of a daughter? 

The Teacher:

A father teaches his children a lot of things about life. Not literally, but in many practical ways. His practical life lessons are way important than what the books hold. Mothers are generally more protective of their young ones and are skeptical about letting them do risky things, but the father takes the hold here. It’s not like he doesn’t love his children or doesn’t worry for their well-being, but he knows that in order to grow and learn, the child would need to experience it, sooner or later. Thus, he supports the child in his initiatives and helps him when he falls.

The Anchor of the Family:

The father provides strength to the family through thick and thin. He’s the protector of his family and the one everyone can depend on. If a family goes through a crisis, it is the father who keeps his emotions in check and looks for a solution to the problem rather than losing all hope. Because he knows, that he has to get his family through the difficult time no matter what!

Fathers prepare their children for practical life and provide them with moral, financial and absolute support to move forward in life. Many successful people have attained their goals because of their fathers. Their love is pure and their feelings are true, and thus, one should never take them for granted! If mother’s do multi-tasking, father’s do multi-balancing! You need to be a Father to understand the parenthood of a Father!


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