Importance of Indian Postal Day

Although today we can’t even imagine our life without emails, mobile phones and faxes, etc. but still, it is the postal service that is the largest mode of communication in India. I agree, with the arrival of the latest technologies and various emerging modes of communication, the usage of the traditional postal system has reduced but it is still prevalent in most of the parts of the country. Postal services still play a great role in the daily life of human being by making the high level of access to digital communication.

India is a country with a diversity in culture, religion, tradition and vast geographical terrains and it is very difficult to operate the postal services here. The Indian Postal Service is an integral part of India. It has been serving the nation for over 150 years with great enthusiasm and this is no less an achievement. Today, still in our rural or semi-urban areas, it is the prime mode of communication binding us with each other.

There are people who believe that with the upcoming of the technology, the Indian Postal Services has lost its entire importance but if you want to know the importance of the Postal Services, just ask an army man who is at the frontier and want to send communication to his family, just ask a person who has been eagerly waiting for the postman for his passport or a farmer who needs to dispatch money to his son studying in town!

Indian Postal Day is celebrated on October 10 each year and is an extension to the World Postal Day. This day new postal products and services are introduced by the government and the employees are being rewarded for their good services in the department. There are other activities, conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural, sport and other recreation events are also organized. There are many stamp design competitions being held. Each of the stamps launched have their own significance and value. There are stamps that are being introduced for excellent performances, for national achievers, for some health movement promotion, for great leaders, etc. There is so much to learn from the stamps about our culture and history. Teach your child the importance of the postal services system in India and enrich his knowledge by sharing with him its glorious history and achievements all through these years. Let him know the importance and contribution of the postal services towards the social and economic development of our country.  This will enlighten his vision to know more about the world he is living in!

This year in 2015, the theme for the World Postal Day is “Tell us about the world you want to grow up in”. It is up to you to give your child’s vision a direction towards the urge for a better and a beautiful World!!!

Happy Parenting 🙂

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