My Kids Love Maggi And There Is Nothing Harmful In It!

As a mother of two young girls, I am always worried about looking for a healthy diet for my kids. And I am sure, so is every mother out there. The generation of today is always into junk food and things that mostly are unhealthy. So how do we pick up something that is healthy as well as mouth-watering to our kids? Well, I make it really simple for myself. I choose what my kids like and look up for its pros and cons online. 😉

Mostly as mothers, what we perceive is that almost everything our kids choose is unhealthy. Well, that’s not how it is. Remember, till a couple of years ago or even today, a lot of people think chocolates are super unhealthy? However, a lot of recent studies created the awareness that chocolates are very healthy for the heart and are great stress busters.

Same is the case with Maggi. When my kids kept on insisting on Maggi, I looked up online how healthy or unhealthy are they for my kids and here are a few things I found:

Maggi Noodles Are Low In Calories:

Noodles such as Maggi are a balanced diet. According to the research made by Indian Council of Medical Research, there is a balance of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats in every serving of Maggi.  I personally prefer Maggi oat noodles and would recommend it to all mothers who look for a diet full of energy for their kids. These oat noodles have 56% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 33% fats.

Usually, one pack of Maggi has about 188 calories which is the lowest as compared to any other kind of pasta. My kids love lasagne too but one bowl of lasagne contains double the amount of calories if compared to Maggi. Being a fitness-friendly person, calories count is always a metric of making something eligible or indelible for me and my kids.

Instant Maggi Noodles Have Recommended Proportions Of Fats And Are Rich In Micronutrients:

Instant noodles like Maggi have a proper recommended proportion of fats which is 11-13g per serving. This constitutes 1/5th of the recommended total daily fats intake for your kids. Your kids love Sandwiches, Aloo Paratha, Biryani, and Dosa right? However, one serving of Maggi noodles contains lesser fats than any of these. And in fact, noodles are more hygienic as well. A pack of Maggi noodle goes through a rigorous 5 step cooking process before reaching us. These include steaming (just like making of Idli), baking, frying, cooking and drying. This is what makes them stable for several months before they reach consumers and ensures that get cooked ‘instant’. All you have to do is to boil your noodles for just two minutes and sumptuous noodles are ready for your kids.

So how do you make noodles healthier? Even if you still feel like noodles aren’t that healthy, you now have an option to pick the healthier ones. Instant noodles made from whole grains are a super healthy choice. Also, look for instant noodles like Maggi with lower sodium content. Pour some vegetables in your instant noodles and make them even healthier for your kids. Adding vegetables, like capsicum and carrots can give your instant noodles a divine taste with flavors like black pepper and chicken (if you are a non-vegetarian, ofcourse)!

Super Easy Since These Are ‘Instant’:

Last but not the least, the best thing about noodles is that they are ‘instant’. For a working mother like me, sometimes getting a hold of everything becomes super difficult. Hence, although I love to cook, but I can’t take out time to cook something fancy every day and night. However, I want to see my kids with a big wide smile as well when they see their meal served. Instant noodles give me both. They are easy to cook and literally take only five minutes to get served and my kids just love them.

Since the time I discovered how healthy maggi noodles are, my kids are happier and I am more relaxed for I know that they have found taste in something which is healthy.

After all, Agar Khaoge Healthy, To Rahoge Healthy!

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  1. I agreed with the post and I beleive if any food be it maggi, cake, Icecream etc. taken in moderation will never become hamful for body. Thanks for sharing this post.


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