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Knowing How to Use Positive Parenting

Knowing How to Use Positive Parenting

Parenting is a tough job and there are various different techniques adopted by parents all around the world to help their kids grow into a world friendly personality. Not all kids are the same, therefore, adopting the same parenting techniques for all kids is not fair and that is why we see so many variations in the parenting all around the world. There are many blogs on the internet who claim to be the best parenting websites, yet you need to be very choosy when you trust a tip, product or information from any website online. Just like other parts of the world, parents in India are now also adopting the trend of looking up for the best parenting blogs in India and try to find the top parenting information.

Parents are responsible for both physical and emotional development of their kids, yet some of us ignore the latter quite often! Positive parenting is one of the common methods being adopted by parents all around the world to build the personalities of their kids. Parents throughout the world agree that positive parenting helps a lot in the proper upbringing of their kids and this is why it is widely adopted by parents globally, irrespective of their race and origin.

What is Positive Parenting?

Positive parenting is also commonly known as the positive discipline, loving guidance, and gentle guidance. Positive parenting provides guidelines to help you keep your kid on the right path. This has helped many parents, like me, and using these guidelines, the parent and the kids both get to live happily. It is based on the philosophy of psychiatrists of Viennese. The focus of this technique of making is preparing the kid for the future instead of punishing the kid for the mistakes of the past. It is all about shaping the future of the kid and teaching the kids the norms of the society. When on one side it is important for our kids to learn mathematics and geography, it is also important for them to know how the society around them works. A child who is grown up with focus of his parents on his emotional development, ends up being a far more mature adult with strong sense of responsibility.

Tips for Positive Parenting:

  • Try to know the reasons behind certain actions of your kids.
  • Practice kind and firm discipline.
  • When required, give yourself a time-out.
  • Try to be as much creative as you can.
  • Try to be non-punitive.
  • Try to be clear with what you want to teach your child at a certain time.
  • Try to know how brain development works and also understand the ageing
  • Last but not the least, always be patient.

Why choose Positive Parenting?

There are numerous benefits of positive parenting and I would definitely recommend each of you to try it.

  • Positive parenting develops a secure attachment between parents and children.
  • It encourages healthy development.
  • Prepares your child for the future by shaping the personality.
  • Leaves positive impact on the development of the brain.

How to Carry Out Positive Parenting?

The sole purpose of positive parenting is to teach your kids the basics of life but not by punishing, rather by being their partners in what they do. Here are some methods that are popularly adopted in positive parenting.

1.     Modeling:

‘Actions speak louder than words’. Modeling is a very common method used all around the world in positive parenting. A child learns best through watching rather than speaking. A child will try to do what he/she observes all day. Therefore, as parents, you must always be like you want your kids to be when they grow up. For example; be kind to people around you, offer help to people in need, practice actions and deeds that you want your child to adopt.

2.     Playing makes everything sound fun:

When you tell your kids that it’s time to play, I can bet that it is their favorite time of the day! As wise parents, you will want to add the spice of some learning techniques through which your child will learn while playing in a way that he/she would not even know. For this, you can opt to play a game together which involves learning such as colors, good manners, etc. Role-playing is also very helpful as you help your kids understand through practice that what actions are appreciable and which actions must be refrained from.

3.     Visuals let it sink in through eyes to the heart of your child:

Using visuals is a method used make kids learn really fast. It is just like modeling as it allows the kids to use their eyes and ears both for the learning process. Flash cards, videos, pictures, and games are the most popular visuals being used nowadays. This method is not only used at homes but it is also being used at schools to help kids learn faster.

Positive parenting is a great way to make kids learn faster. It allows the parents to be partners with their kids while they learn and help them grow to be a better person when they grow up. It allows parents to show their children ways through which they can be kind and shape them according to the specific societies.

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  1. Most of the parents know how to develop their children physically, but lack in their emotional development. Positive parenting will definitely help such parents to improve their parenting skills on both the aspects. Parents must learn to be talkative, patient, non-punitive and kind while practicing positive parenting. Parents must adopt the positive parenting methods you mentioned in post.


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