Tridevis Ruling My Life

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From the diary of a man with one wife (Yes, one and that’s Me 😉 ) and 2 daughters!

It is said, “Women rule a man’s life,” and how true is that! Every woman that enters a man’s life is a new Devi (Goddess) in his life, who adds value to his life, no matter what capacity she serves in. Such a woman can be his mother, wife, sister or even his daughters. (Let’s keep girlfriends at bae for now 😉 )

When a man like me gets married, everything about life changes. And that is not all!  When he is bestowed with the blessing of children, the traces of his bachelor life are all gone.

For a bachelor, life is full of freedom. He can spend long extended hours at work, go out for a movie night with friends or plan a long day out – all without any questions, arguments, and not to mention, those constant calls! However, with all this freedom, things that are always missing are ‘affection’ and ‘care.’ The thought that someone worries about you and waits for you all day long is definitely the most positive aspect of a married life. Although there are parents and siblings caring for you, no one gets on to you the clingy way a wife does. Well, excessive of this too sucks. I hope you are getting what I am trying but couldn’t say. 😛

Let me share with you a snippet of how changed is life after marriage!

Before my marriage, 90% of the things in my life were totally according to my choices. However, life after marriage changed and I must admit, the change is not ‘slight.’ Now, this 90% have had a great fall to only UPTO 10% (that too, CONDITIONS APPLY 🙁 ). My phone lights up with a call or text every other moment when I am out. There are no more late night outings and of course, no all-day outs. Instead of roaming around in the streets, I walk behind my better half in the mall with hands full of shopping bags. Uff….

Well, this is all not as horrifying as it sounds. Things change only for good. Now I don’t have to worry about getting my things done on time. There is someone to remind me of all the important dates (read: birthdays and of course, anniversary). I attend more family get-togethers than boys’ night outs. Instead of roadside dhabas, I dine out at fine dining restaurants now.

In a nutshell, after marriage my life has become less messy, I’ve become more civilized and my house became a home. After my daughters were born, I realized that after marriage, it is only the lifestyle that changes but parenthood even changes the way you think, perceive things and look at life as a whole.

God has blessed me with two daughters and now the boy in me has totally converted into a decent grown-up man. With the three phases of my life – bachelor, married, married with kids – everything changed. Weekends changed into shopping in malls to visits to my kids’ school for PTMs, appointments with doctors or outings with family. My dining experiences changed from dhabas to fine dining restaurants to fast food outlets with a cool ‘kids play area’. The movies changed from action to romance, and now I see those animated movies (Ironically, I can now happily watch movies like Finding Dory ;)). The morning gym time is replaced by dropping children off at their schools.

Considering that you are the only breadwinner of your house, the thought of saving money for future takes over your extravagance.  The presence of my daughters changed the way I handle my money too. But the thing that changes the most is the ‘Mentality.’ Now when I look at any woman, I think about my daughters. Becoming father of two daughters has increased the respect of females in my heart. It urges me to help out any woman in trouble and be kind and respectful towards them.

People often talk about the three phases of a woman’s life – daughter, wife, and mother. However, I would like to mention that there are three phases of a man’s life too i.e. son, husband and a father. And all these phases are entirely different from each other.

Things do change in life aftre marriage or after becoming a father, but only for good. Although you have to give up on certain things you used to love, the blessings of having a family fill every gap. Although I have Tridevis ruling my life, the comfort and happiness of coming back home to a perfect family are a relief of its kind.

Each day I consider fortunate to have three loveliest women ruling my heart 🙂 🙂 🙂


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