Love Yourself

As I entered the air conditioned and aromatic Parlor and salon during the hot sunny afternoon, I was greeted and welcomed by a uniform clad girl. I instantly knew that the ladies (customers) and others who tagged along were staring at me. Sure some were appreciating and few were hassled. The reason was such; I was full-fledged nine months pregnant! The delivery would happen at any moment as the time was very near. I was told that the service that I wanted to take was on the first floor and they have a round turning stairs to ascend for that. So, they were very apologetically advising to get it done in the common area. I was reluctant and climbed the stairs up.

After my parlor visit, one old lady, who was waiting outside the salon for her chauffer to fetch the car, asked me if it was extremely important to visit the salon in “such condition”. I was appalled by the term “such condition” and blurted out “I’m gonna deliver my first baby. That’s an extremely joyous moment for me. And, I wanna look and feel just perfect, neat and clean to welcome my bundle of joy. I’m already in love with the baby and I love my body now…round, weighty and stretched”.

Her attention was now disturbed by the constant car honk that was standing right across for her. She hurriedly waved me goodbye and advised me to take care of myself. Of course, I was taking care of myself! Wasn’t I?

There are many write ups on how women are beautiful in every shape and size. But dearies, start with yourself. Love yourself. Don’t judge your size, shape or color. Just embrace “yourself”. I confess right here that it was a risk that I took and repeated the second time around too 🙂

I feel something so right doing the wrong things(Line of my favorite song by One Republic)

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