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Project Activity for Kids - Make Your Own National Bird

Project Activity for Kids – Make Your Own National Bird

Parents have to teach so many things to the kids and sometimes the “general knowledge” portion of studies becomes too boring (for both kids and parents) 😉 . Won’t it be nice to find out a way when you can make the information interesting for the little scholars? What else can be more interesting than craft works?

This particular project will be a great time-pass for kids during summer vacations and they will really enjoy the newly learned fact about “Our National Bird.” Play-dough is a nice thing for little kids and making this peacock will encourage them to make many other models. This is surely going to keep them busy for a pretty long time!

Things you will need to make your Own National Bird, Seashell Peacock:

  • Play-dough (blue, orange, white and black)
  • 1 scallop seashell
  • Acrylic paint (blue, yellow, white, and green)
  • 2 cotton buds
  • Paint brush


          Our National Bird Peacock
  • Paint the entire seashell with green color and keep it aside so that the color dries up. (The seashell will make the feathers of the peacock).
  • Use this time to make the body of the peacock. Make two balls from the blue colored dough (one will be a bit smaller than the other). Roll the smaller dough between palms to make the head of the peacock. Now, take the orange dough and shape it like the beak of the bird.
  • Fix the beak on the face of the peacock.
  • Make two very small flat circles with the white dough and fix them over the beak to make the eyes. Make two very tiny balls with the black dough and fix them in the middle of the white circles to make the black pupils of the eyes. Give the final touch to the eyes with a thin paint brush and white color.
  • To make the crest on the peacock’s head, just make three small balls from the blue dough and then fix them on top of the bird’s head.
  • It is now time to paint the feathers (as the base green color must have dried up by now). Use the cotton buds to do this part of painting. Dip one bud in blue color and dab on the shell (along the line of the scalloped shell). Now, make another dot with the bud and the yellow paint. This will give you the colorful feathers of the peacock. Let the colors dry up.
  • The bigger ball of play-dough will make the body of the peacock. Roll the dough to make a cylinder and then flatten it slightly. Make sure to flatten the back side a bit more as it is the place where you will have to fix the shell.
  • Fix the shell (feathers) of the peacock at the back of the body and see what a beautiful peacock you have to decorate your house!

Isn’t making your Own National Bird, “The Peacock”, a wonderful project activity that not only keep the kids engaged but also save them from the scorching  summer heat???

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