My First KARWACHAUTH – The Funniest Fast Ever!!!

It was some 10 months after our marriage that KARWACHAUTH came. Neither we could go to our hometown to celebrate it with our family due to my husband’s work commitments nor could anyone from there join us here. So, it was just him and me on our first KARWACHAUTH.

KARWACHAUTH is a festival that reflects the joy and splendour of being married. It is not just a festival of traditional adorments, shringar, pooja and fast but it’s a festival that strengthens the bond of love between the couples.Every married woman keeps the fast for her husband’s safety and longevity. It was my first KARWACHAUTH and the excitement was quite natural.  Our shopping, oops correction required, My shopping for the festival started days before. From Shringar items to clothes to even Jewellery, we shopped it all. I was eagerly waiting for the day and one night before the festival, I applied Mehndi on my hands with “his name” printed in the Centre of it. I had just finished applying mehndi when he said, “There is no need to keep such a strict Nirjal Vrat. Just keep a Normal fast and have something in the afternoon for he finds it absurd to be forced to live without water since dawn to evening.” As such he is not a person who keeps fast on other hindu festival days and even if he does, it is not because he is convinced of the rituals of fast but because he loves the Satvik food that is eaten in a normal fast. 😛 I asked him not to worry and that I’ll be fine. When he got that I am not going to be convinced on this, he reluctantly gave up.

Finally, the day was here. The day itself has a special charm that keeps you nostalgic. The same happened with me. My heart was filled with joy of the day. I woke up early in the morning and was getting ready just when my husband received a call from office that he had to immediately reach the office due to some unexpected issue in the production. In hurry, he rushed without having any breakfast. I felt as if the day has not started on a good note , but then after all work is work! All day long I kept busy with the festivity preparations and calls from family and relatives blessing me with countless wishes to be Suhagin all my life! I was getting ready for the baina and called up my husband to inquire in how much time he will be coming. He said that he will be here before the moon. I went to the society’s temple to listen the Karwachauth Katha and then did Pooja at home. The moon could have appeared anytime now but my husband was still in the office.

I called him again and found he is on his way to home. After he arrived, I found he was not fine. He was feeling drowsy and was having a headache. I asked him to have water but he refused. He was not willing to have anything else either. I thought he must not be fine but then suddenly it struck to my mind that neither did he have his breakfast in the morning nor is he ready to have anything now , does that mean it is his fast too today? I asked him blushing , “Are you also having a fast today?” he didn’t answer just that “I am tired and need some rest”. I got that he is feeling shy and not ready to accept the fact that he has kept the fast but was elated inside thinking of his fast. A person like him can keep a Karwachauth fast was no less than a surprise to me. My heart filled with all the more love for him. I felt to be just on the Top of the World ! 🙂 🙂

We were still waiting for the moon when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and found two of his office friends who were bachelors. I asked them to sit and they wished us Happy Karwachauth. I jokingly commented that it’s good that being bachelors they know when the Karwachauth is!!! To which they replied, “Yes, He (my husband) told us about the festival during the Lunch time. He remembered you fasting Nirjal while he was having lunch with us.” I was shocked. Although my husband never said that he kept fast for me or agreed to when I asked him the same but now when I came to know this, I somehow felt cheated and disappointed.  I simply gazed at my husband just then he said “They are making fool of you and playing a prank with me. I didn’t have a single drop of water since morning. I have kept a fast for you, seriously, I swear!”

The moment he said that they both burst into laughter and for a moment I couldn’t get what all was happening! Then I realised that yes, they were really playing a prank on him just to make him admit that he is on fast. I joined them in their laughter too and that made my, sorry, Our First Karwachauth the funniest and most special for both of us! Each year we don’t forget to remember how the situations made him accept in front of all what he was not accepting in front of me even!

We both feel that the memories of our fist Karwachauth make every subsequent Karwachauth all the more lovable and special for us! I love him to piece and not on just Karwachauth but everyday pray Long live my Pati!!!

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