When Parents try to Convince their Daughters for Marriage!

Every Parent wishes for the happiness and well-being of their children. As soon as their daughters reach an “appropriate age” for marriage, their marriage become the hot topic of discussion at every family get-together.  Every other person starts convincing her to get married soon and live, the so-called “Happily Ever After” life. At times to convince their daughters for marriage, the parents say such funny things that do not do any good but only irritate the young ladies more.

Let us have a look at some typical Illogical Reasoning  from Indian Parents to convince their daughters for marriage. Also find here the various expressions of the daughters after hearing those lame Dialogues!!!


1. Baitho, Tumse Kuch Baat Karni hai. Akhir apni life ko leke serious kab hogi, Batao? (“Listen to us, we need to talk to you. Tell us, when will you take your life seriously?”)


2. Main Kehti hoon Ek Baar Ladke se milne mein harz hi kya hai? (“I don’t understand What’s the harm in meeting the guy once?”)


3. Achche rishte har samay nahin milte. Tum samajhti kyun nahin? ( “You don’t get good proposals every  time, why don’t you understand this?” )


4. Duniya kya kahegi? Ghar mein kunwari ladki baithi hai. Abhi tak shaadi kyun nahin hui iski?( “What will the world say? Why is she still unmarried?” )


5. Aakhir tum chahti kya ho? ( “What is it that you want after all?”)


6. Itna achcha ladka hai, hamesha khush rakhega tumhe! ( “He is such a nice guy. Will always keep you happy!” )


7. Hamare baare mein bhi to socho. Hamein bhi to apni zimmedaari poori karke free hona hai !!!!!! (“Think of us also. After all we also need to get free after fulfilling our responsibility to settle you.”)


8. Apni cousin ko dekho. Tumse choti hoke bhi tumse pehle shaadi ho gayi uski aur aj kitni khush hai! (“Look at your cousin. Inspite of being younger to you, she is already married & so happy today”)


9. Aakhir fayda kya hai aise career ka ki shaadi k liye hi time na rahe? ( “What’s the benefit of such career that you don’t even have time to get married?”)


10. Apni choti behen k future k baare mein socha hai kabhi? Tumhari shaadi nahin hui to usse kaun shaadi karega? (“Have you ever thought of your younger sister’s future? If you remain unmarried, who will marry her?”)


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