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With an aim to inspire young enthusiastic mind and promote academic excellence, the prestigious SEAMO is conducting its very first Olympiad in India. India is the 13th nation to launch the Olympiad series for its children.

An official launch of the internationally acclaimed Mathematics Olympiad for students of Class V – XII was conducted on Saturday, July 8th 2017 at West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. I was lucky to attend the launch of this great initiative that aims to cater students of Class V – XII assess their problem-solving ability and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Let me help you with what SEAMO is all about:

What is SEAMO?

It is a unique platform that is dedicated to provide resources to various levels of students and prepare them for more challenging mathematical operations. It helps to nurture the mental and thinking ability of the students, which ultimately boosts their self-confidence.

Students of Class V-XII are eligible for SEAMO. The Olympiad exam contains a Total of 24 Questions with 3 different sections.  SECTION – 1 contains 8 EASY Questions, SECTION – 2 contains 8 Moderate Questions and SECTION – 3 contains 8 Difficult Questions.

It is an Objective Type Exam carried in English only. In this exam, every question carries 4 answer options, out of which only one option is correct. There is no Negative marking though. For sample papers, please refer to the link: http://seamo-of

When is the SEAMO Exam in INDIA?

The SEAMO date in India is 6th August, 2017 (Sunday). The result will be declared on 25th August, 2017.

The Last date to apply is 31st July, 2017. Students can register for the exam through Offline and Online both. For more information, kindly visit

What are the rewards in SEAMO Exam?

The Top 0.025% of students get a Gold Plated Medal & Certificate. Next 1% of the students get a Silver Plated Medal & Certificate. Next 2% of students get  a Bronze Plated Medal & Certificate and all the participants get a Participation Certificate.

What are the Objectives of SEAMO?

  • It aims at promoting excellence amongst students of Class V – XII, in their every sphere of school learning.
  • Provide realistic view to each student on their ability.
  • Encourages analytical thinking
  • SEAMO encourages “High Order Thinking” ability of a child & recommends a learning style through a personalized report.

Early exposure to an International Olympiad will definitely boost their self-confidence and help them succeed in their career. The Performance Analysis report shared by SEAMO helps the students identify their weaknesses through and improve upon them. This eventually helps them exhibit enhanced performance in successive competitive exams.

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