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When canoeing and kayaking were introduced for the first time in 1920, America and Canada were the only participants. But during the last decade, the surge is on. India has over a dozen kayaking destinations. Kayaking in India is a bit new branch of water sporting but caught the interest of sports enthusiasts’ pretty fast. The Madras Fun Tools have some adventurists associate on a regular basis. (Madras boat club also retains the old name even as Madras is rechristened as Chennai a few decades back.)

The origin of Stand Up Paddle (SUP), also called as Stand Up Paddle Boarding, is in the Hawaiian Islands. This ancient surf sport has travelled longer than what the Hawaiian people envisaged. It is fun taking off up the river, Local Island or local break.


Incidentally, original kayaks were supposed to be sailed with the occupant in a sitting position.  But merging the concept of surfing and kayaking, the birth of SUP took place. There are few products that are closely associated with safe kayaking. They are buoyancy aid.  The Personal Flotation Device (PFD) generates air, thus preventing a water-filled kayak from sinking. The helmet is mandatory. A whistle, rescue ropes, diving knife, water shoes, dry suits, etc.


You can buy SUP (Stand Up Paddling) right here in India. Please visit Madras Fun Tools for more details. You can also buy all kayaking gears right here.

This e-commerce company is dedicated to making high-quality kayaking. You can choose and order Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and related paddle sports gears from Madras Fun Tools in India. There are different sizes and lengths of kayaks to suit your physique. You may choose the kayaking gear including SUP suitable for river, bay, backwater or sea. The boat sizes are also critical. The boat should be able to manipulate the wave with a ‘cutting edge’ obstacle breaker. There are boats suitable for different terrain and applications. There are few main types of boats – white water, Play boats, River runners, and Creek boats.


You can Outfit and refurbish the Kayaks suitable for your style and taste. But even the tiny parts like footrest, screws, hip pads, etc. should be carefully checked. The undercurrent is a crucial aspect you have to be sure to avoid in the water stream while kayaking. For creating environments, there are few great kayaking gears available. These are gears suitable for snug kayaking, counter kayaking, etc.


There are kayaks specially designed for flat-water which are comparatively faster. You may be surprised to know that Inuits (Eskimos) are the real inventors of kayaks and by corollary, kayaks can be ideal for icy and frosty waters. And by same reasoning, Nomads are another important kayaking trend.


Have a happy and rocking kayaking and paddling in India.  At the Madras Fun Tools, you can source all your kayaking gears, SUP and kayaks online. Also, the Newmans shall be available soon with Madras Fun Tools ( Now that India is showing some scintillating performance in water sports on the international arena, soon we can hope for entry into Olympics as well. So time for us to stand up and applaud!


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