Truth Will Find Its Ways – It’s Always Worth Coming Out!

Tarun and Tanisha were two bodies with one soul. Without Tanisha uttering a word, Tarun would know what her heart wants.  They were married for a while and were living a happy life together.  Tanisha knew that Tarun loved kids and wanted to give him the biggest present of his life but she was somehow not able to conceive during the first 4 years of her marriage. With each passing day, this guilt engrossed her more. She was no more able to enjoy her life and was desperate to be a mother, not for her but to see her Tarun happy ‘being a father’.

She discussed this with Tarun who took the things casually. As per him, it were just 4 years and they will have a baby soon. While Tanisha wanted to see a doctor, Tarun was totally against this. One day Tanisha decided to share this with her friend who suggested her to visit a doctor and get the interim check-ups done. Since the advice seem good to Tanisha, she decided to move ahead with this.

To her surprise, all her interim reports were fine and she was totally healthy to conceive a baby. The doctor suggested some tests for her husband. Now, this was something she knew would be difficult. Still, she discussed with Tarun. Initially, he was furious to know that Tanisha went to the doctor alone even when he refused her to go and was reluctant to get his tests done. But understanding Tanisha’s state of mind, he gave in to her demands and went for the testing. They both went to the doctor together and found that the reports suggested all of his tests to be normal too.

Tanisha wondered what could be the probable reason for her not getting pregnant when both of them have healthy reports.  She shared her concerns with the doctor who in turn suggested some more detailed tests to be conducted and advised her not to carry any stress. Tanisha followed her advice like religion but still no luck. The reports of further tests were due in a week.

Tarun had a younger sister Teena, whom he loved a lot. After the death of their parents, Teena wanted to do her Masters from a different city and got admission too.  She was going to visit their place soon.  Tarun had to book her flight tickets but was not getting time. To make sure he don’t miss on the booking, he asked Tanisha to book the tickets for Teena.  Teena and Tanisha were more like friends and had great compatibility.  Tanisha opened Tarun’s laptop to book the flight tickets. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine what was going to come next!

After booking the tickets, just when she was going to shut down the laptop, the very moment she saw a notification popping up in Tarun’s mailbox. She opened the mail and it was nothing short than a shock to her.  It was a mail from an infertility clinic that Tarun was getting treatment from. The mail said that Tarun’s latest reports have shown a great improvement and now there is a ray of hope that Tarun can be a father soon. She could not believe what she read. Following this, she opened the mail chain with the same subject and got to know that the earlier reports showed that there are very less chances of Tarun becoming a father and that he was following up for a treatment with the doctor even before Tanisha went for one.

Tanisha felt like cheated and infuriated with anger. She realised that the reports Tarun produced to her doctor were fake and wondered how he managed to do all this so efficiently without her getting any clue of this! This further enraged her. For a moment, she felt that Tarun is fake, all his love for her is nothing but a lie and that their relationship holds no meaning. She felt like going away from the home leaving Tarun alone. In her anger, she was still going scrolling through Tarun’s mailbox to know from when all this was going on. She found a mail wherein Tarun has given his formal consent for the treatment and has written to the doctor, “ Sir, My wife wanted to be a mother and I can sense that. I want to give her this happiness because I know having a child would complete us. I cannot tell her the truth of my being unfit to be a father for this will broke her into pieces, She would not complain even once but I know she would be broken inside. I have a ray of hope, and for her happiness I am ready to undergo any treatment that is required. I hope I can pass on my hope to her soon!

Reading this, Tanisha couldn’t hold her tears. She wondered what blunder was she going to do? She was going to leave the man for whom she is the world. He hide this fact from her only for her happiness! It must not have been easy for him too. Tanisha’s heart melted for Tarun.  The best part was he had hope and had willingly undertaken the treatment all by himself. He had succeeded in hiding his pain from Tanisha while she was all the time holding hers in front of him. He could even sense what was in Tanisha’s heart while she could not even get even the slight idea of the pain and agony he was going through. Love is like that. It’s not an easy task. It comes with its own share of pain and guilt.

She marked the mail unread and shut down the laptop. Later, she called up Tarun to say, “I love you” and he, as always, replied with “I love you too”.  Later in the day when Tarun returned home she said, “As long as we are together, there is nothing to worry. Of course we want a baby, but to unite us and not to make us apart. Always remember, I am there with you in your fortunes as well as in the challenges you face.  Let us go together at YOUR DOCTOR’s clinic for an appointment before Teena arrives.

For a moment Tarun could not realise what Tanisha has just said. He asked Tanisha what is she exactly up to and Tanisha told him everything that happened. Realising his lie has been caught, Tarun has mixed feelings of shame, guilt and happiness. He was ashamed for hiding this fact from her but at the same time happy that Tanisha did not blame him for this.  He was of course guilty but at the same time had no words to thank her. Before he could even say anything, Tanisha said, “Just like this fact has strengthened the bond of our love, one day our baby will too. Let us keep the hope alive.”  Tarun couldn’t thank God enough for giving him Tanisha as a life partner. He has now realised the Magic of truth. It is always worth coming out. The outcome of truth has offloaded a heavy burden from his shoulders. He could now visit HIS doctor with more confidence.

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