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Tips for your Child's Hair and Skin care this Holi

Tips for your Child’s Hair and Skin care this Holi

The season of colors is set to fill your life with colors, enthusiasm and happiness. Gone are the days when you have to worry about losing the beauty of your kid’s precious skin and hair while drenching in the colors. Want your little one to look stunning and keep her tender beauty intact even when she is painted with a variety of hues and amazing tones? We are there to help you with our tips for Holi festival for Hair and Skin care of your child!

Here are a few tips to take care of Hair and Skin of your child this Holi:

  1. Apply a coat of coconut, castor or olive oil to her hair. Most of the children do suffer from dandruff and few hair related problems. At such times, mix the oil with 5-6 drops of lemon. Leave it on the hair for 25-30 minutes and then let your kid run to enjoy the colors.

  1. If you are blessed with a girl who loves adventures and colors, tie her hair in bun. If she has short hair, make a small ponytail. Open hair may get exposed to breaks when dried with coats of colors.
  1. Always remember to try to dig your kid’s closet with the most comfortable clothes and something that would cover her entire body. Do not let any part get exposed directly to the colors. Hence, no matter how much she cringes to wear simple dresses to flaunt this festival, make sure you select a perfect full-sleeved t-shirt and cotton track pant or bottoms. Say NO to denim or synthetic as they ought to give her tough time once soaked completely in water. You can even make her try turtle neck or stand collar shirts/ t-shirts. That can take care of her neck.
  1. Children tend to run under the sun without taking care of their body these days. In fact, they do not know how any of the colors or sun is harming them. Moreover, if you scold them, they start crying or get upset. And I am sure you do not want any of these things to happen to your little baby. Hence, take precautions by applying oil to the entire body. Do not forget to cover the eyelashes and areas behind the ear. If you are also trying colors this Holi festival, try moisturizer and cover the entire face including ear lobes.
  1. If your kid is really excited to play with a lot of colors, try taking her to a dermatologist before she is drenched in colors. Understand her skin type and the precautions she should take before being colored. There is no point in visiting any of the doctor’s clinics after the damage is done. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!
  1. You may also use dental caps to save your kid’s teeth from any unwanted stains.
  1. If you are giving such a minute look to take care of your child’s body, do not leave behind her nails exposed. That is one thing that we usually forget to take care of. Long nails must be cut and painted with the thickest coat.
  1. Do not let the kids run on wet floors. Although the ground must be sore to slip, you never know which part of it has become slippery. Hence, make them understand that running on wet floors must be strictly avoided.
  1. Also, make her understand that drying herself in sun can make things more defenseless. Hence, ask her to stay away from sun. Try to convince her that staying in the sun can make the stains hard to be removed.
  1. And the most important point of all – Let your kids have plenty of water. Keep their body hydrated to avoid drying and being vulnerable to harsh chemicals.

Now that you have prepared your child dodging the reaction of harmful chemicals, here are few tips for her Hair and Skin care that you can follow after she is back home with a cute smile and colors all over her body.

  1. First, let her stand under running lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. Let the unnecessary colors leave the body and drain with the water. Do not take her immediately to the bathroom. Show your excitement in her life by asking her what they did to make this Holi special. Actually, you are bagging time for avoiding your colorful child in the water as their body needs some buffer time before cleaning.
  1. Massage and scrub gently to remove the harmful chemicals from your kid’s body. You can use til oil for impeccable results.
  1. Do not allow your child to wash any area of the body frequently to remove the colors. That would harm the body or the area exposed to scrubbing.
  1. For girls, loosen their hair and gently wash the stains off. Use soft shampoo and hair conditioner for its proper softening.
  1. Try to ask her sit home until the sun is down. Do not let her run again for playing under the strong sunny rays.

It is just not enough to become a mother; you have to be a super-mom always who is a doctor, a pediatrician, a helper and a good friend. No matter whether you had taken all these precautions for yourself before and after playing Holi; but you need to understand that your kid’s glowing skin and perfect body is the truth behind your efforts. After you take your kid to play in the evening after washing away all the colors, your friends and the parents of your kid’s friends are surely going to find themselves surprised to see how your kid does not have any stain on her body although she was the one completely filled with colors.

It is now the time to have a proud smile of being a super-mom!

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