Tips for Taming Kids Tech Obsession

Technology is regulating our current life. Today, the technology gadgets have crossed the barrier and entered into almost everyday household. We can’t just disagree with the lavish and easy life it brings, but with all the good it has brought, it has also made our children slaves to it. Their tech obsession is to its maximum!

 The kids today spend most of their time in front of a screen, whether it is a laptop, a phone, a tablet or a TV. This tech obsession not only affects their eyes adversely but can also pose severe ill-effects on their health and growing metabolism. Kids need physical activities to make their body strong but the constant use of tech keep them in the same position for hours.

So, what is it that you should do to get your kids away from these techs?

SheerParenting brings you a few simple tips for taming kids tech obsession:

1.     Take the initiative first:

Kids are great imitators. They follow what they see. So if you want them to cut down on their use of technology, then you have to set an example for them to follow. Put down your gadgets when you are with kids and try giving them more attention.

2.     Set the boundaries:

Remember, who the parent is! It is you who need to set boundaries and not them. Try to make rules for your kids to limit their use of techs. In case your kids need their tech for homework or research purposes, assign them hours for the same and take back when done. Even if your child wants it for entertainment purposes, ensure that he/she doesn’t cling to it for long!

3.     Introducing them to new hobbies:

Get your kids interested in new hobbies that require more physical activities. Get them to take music lessons or ballet or gardening or make them play more sports. Think of something that is fun and at the same time educational. This will be good for their both physical and mental health.

4.     Family time:

The worst thing about tech is that even though it helps bring people around the world together, yet it takes you away from the person beside you. So it’s better to play board games or watch a movie together to spend time rather than wasting it away on tech.

5.     Educate them:

Your kids are smart. If you teach them the right way with patience, they will understand how hazardous it is about their health to spend endless hours scrolling the screen of these gadgets. Educate them on healthy habits and how they can lead to a good and fruitful life.

6.     Incorporate helpful techs in their life:

There are many applications that can bring improvement in reaction time, visual-spatial ability, increase focused attention and the ability to recognize important details. Make your kids use such apps or play those games that help them with all of these abilities instead of playing violent games. You can also get them to read eBooks instead of wasting time on shows and cartoons.

7.     Sleeping habits:

Maintain your kid’s bedtime and don’t let them use mobile phones or any other technology at least 1 hour before they sleep. The usage of gadgets or screen time hampers the ability to sleep.

8.     Ask rather than nag:

Educate your kids on the ill-effects of the excessive use of technology. Educate them how these gadgets can lay an adverse effect on their health and social life. Explain to them that the limits are for their own good so that they don’t outgrow it.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to tame your kid’s tech obsession. None but you can maintain a healthy and positive routine for him/her.

Happy Parenting 🙂

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