Tips to Take Expert Pictures of your Kids

Babies grow up very fast and are little only for a while. From the moment they are born, their pictures become our most prized possessions. We want their milestones in our memories forever and to make sure that the memories don’t fade, all what we can do is capture them!!! Capture them not only in our heart but also by clicking their most candid moments and preserving those expert pictures!!!

So, what’s the big deal?  It must be easy,  Isn’t it???  Naaaaaaa!  Why? Well, just think and ask yourself,  “Is it easy for babies to stay still enough till you click???” You must have got your answer by now! 😉

But there is nothing to get disappointed. This doesn’t at all mean that you can’t have the pictures of those beautiful moments. You always can!  All you need to do is just consider the following tricks of photographing your little bundle of love and go ahead!


  1. Don’t wait for them to pay attention to the camera:

 You will be surprised to know but most of the time the best shots would be those when they’re not even paying attention to the Camera. At times when they are busy with some activity or are occupied with something, just capture their natural moments for often, they are the loveliest of all!

  1. Simplicity is of prime importance:

Keep it simple. Overly propped or cluttered environment can take away the charm of the moment you are trying to capture. Remember it’s the child who should be the show stopper and not her props or the environment.

  1. Get down to their levels:

While clicking pictures of your piece of life, just get down to her level for lower profile shots are anytime better than top down shots in case of babies. You may go on to your knees, hands or even tummy to capture those lovely moments. When you baby is enjoying her tummy time, the best shots can be captured from the front only!

  1. Take the Close-ups:

Don’t try to capture your entire baby in a single click but focus on taking the close-ups of the smaller details. This will enable you to capture all those beautiful features and moments that may otherwise be overlooked.

  1. Always keep a camera near you:

It might seem quite obvious to you with so many smartphones with high resolution cameras but always keep a camera with you so as to capture the most silly of the moments that can’ wait for you to go and get one! Just keep it near and record the day to day change in your baby.

  1. Click, Click & Click:

Use every opportunity to click your baby’s smile, laugh, play, mischief or even sleep ( yes, I often find the sleeping babies the cutest ones 😉 ) . Believe me, there are the pictures that would seem so funny and stupid to you now but later you’ll find them to be the ones that are the closest to your heart and then you will not be able to hold yourself exclaiming, “Were you ever so small my baby?”

Good Luck to you all and share with us the most candid pictures of your little ones 🙂

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