Top 10 All Time Best Activities to Entertain Kids

When I was a kid I used to be outdoors most of the times. It was the most enjoyable period of my life playing by the streams of water, trying to catch tadpoles, small fish, playing with our puppy and what not. It is with a great sense of pride and fulfillment I recollect those good, old days of my childhood which all of the city dwellers lack. The formative years of development of every child need to be rich with linguistic, cultural and social inputs. Along with studies, always encourage activities to entertain kids and foster learning environment too. A harmonious blend of all these makes a complete, brilliant child who is prepared to grow up to be a responsible citizen of a brighter future.

Top ten all-time best activities to entertain kids

 1. Bring them to the kitchen:

There are many things in the kitchen which kids can also do. They can make a number of easy recipes like, making sandwiches, chocolates etc. Kids often enjoy running around doing petty things for their parents and family. Kids may not enjoy the result of the adventure they do. But while learning the process of preparing something, they may have fun.

2. Fly a kite:

There is nothing like flying a kite on a windy day with kids. It is such a rejuvenating experience to tie the thread and arrange the kite properly. Kids make the most out of such situations which would seem petty to adults. The higher the kite flies, the greater kids feel about their capabilities.

3. Teach kids to stitch or knit:

Stitching and knitting are such a creative activities that boost the confidence level of kids by a great deal. There are special kits which are especially designed for children. Parents and elders need not worry about kids getting hurt with the needle. Highly imaginative and creative kids will have great time trying their hand on needle and thread.

4. Make paper planes:

Think of doing paper planes from the heap of paper which is set aside for recycling. Launch them from a window or from the garden. It is a whole lot of fun to entertain kids with paper planes.

5. Involve kids in gardening:

Gardening is a great activity which is fun to do and it is also a stress buster for many adults. Kids feel great when they watch the outcome of their hard work grow in front of their eyes. It is simply great to see a plant grow and flower out of a small sapling. The world of plants is so huge that there are many plants which kids can grow without any difficulty. Planter boxes and small pots are sufficient to get the kids going in gardening.

6. Write a story:

We just have to give a slight push to the kids and the best of their imaginations will gush forth. It does not have to be a great story. Kids can write something like a fairy tale which they always love to listen to. They can slightly change the plot or the ending and let their imagination fly high.

7. Host a party:

Parents can invite a bunch of kids who are friends of their own kids. It is fun to throw a party especially for kids. Get the CDs of their favorite songs, put on the music and let them dance till they drop. Kids unwind with music like anything. The parents, of course, have to provide the kids with snacks and drinks which is nothing in comparison to the impact such a party has on kids.

8. Go to the seaside:

Walking along the beach with kids on a bright evening can be very much refreshing. Kids often have a passion for collecting pebbles, shells and things like that on the seaside. Let them have their own sweet time doing all that they love on the beach.

9. Go for a walk:

Irrespective of the place you live, there will be places to see. You can walk to places in a city, a town or in a country side. There could be historical places, scenic locations and spots for pleasure trips. The benefits of a good walk are manifold for each human being.

10. Make a treasure hunt:

This needs a little bit of effort on the part of elders and parents. Write some clues and hide some treats around the house and the garden for the kids. They will enjoy going around looking for those small treasure. The key is to engage the kids engaged in some or the other activity all the time.

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