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Parenting is a journey that begins as soon as a child is born. The new parents seem quite confused over what to do and how to do. To make it even worse, people around you will always judge your parenting style. They will alway have an opinion on how you bring up your kids, thinking that whatever little they know is the top parenting information. Parenting, on the contrary, is not a stereotype. It is not a chapter that anyone can follow. You just cannot mug up things and apply, for it is unique for every child, for every parent!

You may find people who will question, and sometimes even criticize, your parenting style and will throw unwanted advice on you.  In a rush to become a good parent, you start browsing through different parenting community blogs and websites. The websites are surely helpful to get some tips about parenting but at the same time, it is important to know how to practically apply those tips and when. There are various parenting community websites and blogs available online which are more or less alike in the themes they cover, but each one of them comes with a different outlook to parenting. Sheerparenting is one such parenting blog that talks about both the theoretical and practical aspects of parenting.

Top Parenting Information on  Best Parenting Community Websites and Blogs you browse through:


You Will Get Multiple Parenting Tips:

As soon as you are on a parenting website or parenting community blogs, you start getting lists of tips to become a “good” parent. It is up to you which tip you pick and follow. In a rush to become a good parent, you might opt to be a strict parent, a lazy parent or can merely take a midway. The choice is purely yours but you will surely have access to multiple parenting tips.

You Will Get Tips To Avoid Parenting Blunders:

There are various situations where parents overreact, leading to some or the other parenting blunder. Parents who keep on poking their kids all the time are considered to be making biggest blunders but the ones who leave their children to do whatever the children want, even they too do fall under the same category of blunder-making parents. To be an optimal blend of two is the key and for that, it is you who needs to decide when to give freedom to kids and when not!

You will get articles on health, food, and nutrition:

Many parenting websites have pediatricians, general physicians or nutritionists as authors. They are the best source of information when it comes to your kids’ health. There are authors who offer health tips and provide their expert advice on healthy food and nutritional requirement of kids according to their age. Moreover, you will also find cooking videos uploaded by moms that can help you get recipes to the yummy recipes for kids.

You may find information on punishing children:

There are instances when parents are so strict that they hardly care about what kind of punishment they are giving to their kids. Beware of being harsh on your child. There are times you need to be strict with them for their good but then know your limits. You can afford to bear their mischief but you cannot afford to lose your angels at any cost!

You can find a list of kids’ events to be held in different cities:

The parenting community keeps on searching for events that are for the betterment of children. The authors on the parenting websites and blogs keep an eye on the related information and offer the same as and when they are aware of it. You can easily get information about the events that are scheduled to be held in your city at a given point of time and can plan a visit.

You will find multiple stories on personal experiences:

The authors on the parenting websites are mostly the parents themselves. They try to share their experiences at a common platform for parents-to-be as well as the existing parents. Besides how they handle their kids, you can also find information about the parenting journey of other parents. You will be motivated to know about the struggle of a parent handling both the official duties as well as household responsibilities, the experiences of parents spreading awareness about some common/rare diseases their kids have suffered from, the knowledge of parents about the latest happening in the parenting world, etc.

Like they say, with the birth of a child, parents are born too. You keep on growing as a parent with time. These parenting community websites offer you a pool of top parenting information but the how you carry that in your life is entirely your decision that you take based on the circumstances you and your child are in. Besides the situations, it is your kids’ nature and mood that you must take into account when you are handing them.

Keep reading, Keep getting inspired! Happy Parenting 🙂

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