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The myth that taking low hydrocarbon diet would help you to reduce the weight is dominant among the self-declared dietitian. Another myth is that sugar control is the best weight control regime possible. We could not be more wrong if we tend to believe these.

But besides sugar or glucose, fat is also a good source of fuel. Let us be clear about the fat as Ketosis is the medical term for converting fat as a fuel source which is needed for your body. The conversion is not a natural or spontaneous process, unfortunately; some catalysts are required to assist or speed up the conversion process. Higher BMI (Body Mass Index) is tricky to handle.

The ill effects of overweight affect the mental faculty too. The girth size can make you less self-confident. The clothes need to be altered or opt for plus sizes. The acidity and fermentation make you quite uneasy. The gas formation makes you feel suffocated and restless. The energy level would start fluctuating widely. There could be high blood high glucose reading. Your health is at stake so is your dream of longevity

The obesity factor boils down to the food intake and lifestyle. The current health problems, change in eating habits is linking it to obesity. As the satiety level is increased the craving for food would come and eat only when you are hungry. You feel fit and agile again. The myths and false propaganda on Carbohydrates are still rampant. Even the experts and academically qualified persons fall into the immense false propaganda and pressure tactics. Fortunately, there are some reliable alternatives to circumvent the situations, typically fat burners. One of the best options amongst them is VLCC.

VLCC is a brand that doesn’t need any formal introduction. If you are wondering how to lose weight or looking for a weight management solution with no artificial food supplement, no appetite suppressants, no side effects and no crash diet for weight loss, VLCC is the answer!  VLCC is recognized globally for its holistic, completely natural and scientific weight management services delivering weight loss, body shaping and sculpting, improvement in overall health and well-being, all leading to a healthy, active life, free of aches and pains.

None other than VLCC understands weight loss so scientifically. It combines preventive and curative healthcare with well-researched programs. Its weight-management solutions include a unique DNA-based weight management system offering customized weight loss program. It’s not just a journey about weight loss, but a journey towards Wellness, towards Good Health.

VLCC understands the ‘no-size fit all’ mantra very well and that is the reason, all of its programs and therapies are customized as per individual needs, health and fitness status, body composition and measurements. Its weight loss program is a holistic approach to improving blood circulation, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to skin and muscles and lymphatic drainage to detoxify and keep muscles at the peak of flexibility and strength. VLCC also offers you a perfectly packaged Ayurvedic journey for relaxation of the mind, body, and soul.

With so much to offer, VLCC has become the number one choice for weight management amongst people of all age. We best, VLCC Slimming Program is no less than a life-changing experience.

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