We had organised the dinner for some guests. Must to mention that since none of them was having any kid, we were 4 couples with only one baby around, my 7 months old daughter.

As you could imagine, being the only baby present, she was getting enough attention!!! She was enjoying herself for quite some time until she started getting cranky and I got busy with her. She wanted a sleep (as her usual bed time was early enough and it was now too late for her!) and after a lot of irritation ,she finally slept and all of us sighed Ahaa!!!

That day taught us, A single cranky baby is enough to get eight adults crazy enough 🙂 🙂

After I laid the dinner on the dining table , one of the ladies asked me, “Where are you working currently?” to which I replied, “I am a Homemaker Now , a full time Mother “( I left work after she was born). Her reaction was, so, YOU MEAN YOU ARE JUST A MOM…. I was agitated hearing all that… My husband, guessing what I must be feeling, changed the topic and after finishing the dinner, everyone went back to their home. But somewhere within me, everything was not right. Her words kept lingering in my mind and that day I decided, whenever I get a chance to express my feelings regarding this, I would definitely like to ask such women, have We become so shallow inside that we don’t even give it a thought to enjoy the beauty of motherhood at all?

A Mother can take many roles. She, no doubt , can be career woman too but just because I chose to be a full time Mom doesn’t mean I am lazy or incapable!!! Its not that I didn’t have any wants or dreams, it’s just that for me my daughter came first. It take someone really brave to be a Mother, a strong Woman to raise a child & someone extra special to love someone more than herself.

I can’t imagine my life without the kind of love & support that our mother provided us. We were three and none of us feel less loved. It is her love that nurtured a Loving Mother in me & today when my daughter say “You are the best Mom”, I know the credit goes to her.

I know some of the couples who used to please different deities for years, praying one to another to bless them with a child and now that they have kids, they would only look after them until their maternity leave allows & then offload their kids either to their parents or the babysitters!!! I never wanted myself to be a mother like those, I wanted to enjoy the joys of mothering and that’s what gives me the satisfaction and keep me happy!!!

What if you get off on weekends & I get a list of demands, What if you get holidays, sick n casual leaves & I have all 365 days a year working , What if you have designated office hours & I work 24 * 7 , what if you get paid off in dollars & I get paid in Love, Hugs & Kisses , I still am enjoying my current job and doing full justice with it .

I proudly announce my Job Description that defines , I am an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a teacher, a nanny, a nurse, a protector, a mentor, a photographer, a counsellor, a comforter and a friend and I am trying my best to rock in each & every role.

So next time if this thought click your mind for even a second ,think a million times before you say someone JUST A MOM, because For your information , I am a Full Time Stay At Home Mom to my kids and I love it !!!

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