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10 Most Amazing Eye Care Tips For Your Child

10 Most Amazing Eye Care Tips For Your Child

Our eyes help us capture the beauty of the world in our hearts forever. They help us see the world and give each of us a unique perspective towards it. Eyes are delicate organs of the human body and proper care should be taken to protect them. Our kids have a completely different perspective towards their life and eyes definitely play a major role in formulating that. While eye care for children depends on many factors, there are certain eye care tips that can help shield them from any potential harm.Let us have a look at them in detail:

10 Eye Care tips to help you take care of your kids’ eyes 

1. Proper Diet Plan:

A well-balanced diet that can help maintain the perfect eyesight is a mix of reds and greens. The best diet for enhancing the eyesight includes a balanced diet comprising of leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot, beetroot, etc. and yellow fruits with a high amount of carotene in them, like papayas and mangoes, etc.

2. Limited Exposure to LEDs and LCDs:

Parents often find the television as the ultimate solution to keep their child busy and enjoy some peace of mind. What we simply do at times is just turn on the TV, set their favorite cartoons and we’re done. But have we ever wondered what are we doing to them? Will the excess exposure to TV screens, computer screens, and smartphones keep their eyesight preserved? No, in fact, excessive screen time can be highly dangerous for their eyes for it causes eye exhaustion. As parents, we should make sure to set time limits for each of these activities.

3. Sports Safety:

Most common sources of eye injuries are ruthless playing. Without a protective gear, any of the sports can be unsafe for the eyes. Buy a sports eyewear for your kid which covers the whole eye socket and can prevent eye injuries.

4. Contact Lens Handling:

Wearing lenses is in fashion but great care must be taken to ensure this fashion doesn’t become a safety threat to your kid’s eyes. Make sure that the lenses are not very old or damaged. Make a bag of spare lenses and its solution and ask your kid to always keep that in his/her bag for emergencies.

5. Teach Your Kid How to Avoid Eye Strain:

The eye when focuses on a visual task for too long it causes eye strain which includes symptoms like blurred vision, fatigue, and headaches. Always ask your kids to give rest to their eyes and not to focus on a single thing for too long. Watch television from a safe distance and take breaks at shorter intervals.

6. Avoid Extensive Eye Rubbing:

Kids are often seen rubbing their eyes. In cases where eye rubbing becomes a habit, germs can enter the eyes which can cause viruses and severe eye illnesses in your kid. So, make sure you stop your kid from rubbing his/her eyes.Cleanliness of eyes is very important, so teach your kid to always wash his/her hands before rubbing the eyes. In case the child is seen rubbing his/her eyes excessively, immediately contact a good ophthalmologist.

7. Sight Testing:

Whenever your kid complains that he cannot see the board properly at school or while reading the words become a blur, make sure you get your kid’s sight tested. Do not ignore such complaints as these could lead to a bigger eye problem. Delaying the testing will only deteriorate his/her eyesight.

8. Keep the Sharp Items Away:

Kids are carefree and they like to explore. Many kids who are extra curious or have a keen interest in pretend play might try dangerous stuff. Keep all the sharp objects away from the reach of the kids.

9. Fireworks and Distance:

kids are very smart these days. Instead of being scared or hiding, they get out to witness the fireworks. Make sure that your kid stands at a safe distance from the fireworks. This way he/she will be saved from dangerous emission from fireworks and its contact with their eyes.

10. Make Wearing Goggles While Swimming Necessary:

Your kid loves swimming? Do not let your kid go swimming without his/her goggles on. There is a reason swimming goggles are recommended, pay due attention to it. This is because pools have a high content of chemicals to keep the water clean and many a time such chemicals cause infections in the eyes.

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