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10 Things I've Learnt In 10 Years of My Marriage

10 Things I’ve Learnt In 10 Years of My Marriage

Marriage is not a joke people! It takes a lot of work and effort to make it work. Even when everything seems lost, you have to pull through because it’s completely worth for the one you love. My husband and I have been through the bad and good times and have embraced both. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary together, we look back at all those times and smile because none of us left each other’s side. In fact, all those times just made our relationship more strong and lively.

Here Are The Top 10 Things I’ve Learnt In 10 Years Of My Marriage:

1.     It’s not a Fairytale:

Well, to be frank, Marriage is not as easy as it appears in books and movies. It takes a lot of effort to reprogram your life around another person and learning ways to make it work. You need to find a middle ground to everything and understand the difference between the words “compromise” and “adjustment.” Even after finding true love, “happily ever after” is a term that needs to be worked upon. It doesn’t come complimentary with a marriage you know!

2.     There will always be Moments to Cherish:

Though every minute of your married life won’t seem all that special, there are moments to that keep your relationship refreshing. Whether it be a festival, birthdays or even a lively evening, having someone by your side to share your happiness with, is itself enough reason to celebrate.

3.     At least one of the Two Partners needs to be Mature:

Well, marriage does demand maturity otherwise the two are married to chaos than to one another. Maturity to handle situations, arguments and above all, the other person! It’s all about looking for a common ground to sort things rather than playing the ‘blame game.’ Taking learning from the past mistakes and moving forward is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

4.     Little things matter the Most:

Not sure about others but for me, this totally applies! Sometimes the most romantic gestures can be in the smallest of things we do for our loved ones. Don’t just wait for your husband to make huge gestures to claim his love. Always appreciate the little things he does, be it serving breakfast in bed or killing a cockroach for you! Oops, did I just say, “Happy 10th My Love!” 😉

5.     Spend Time to be Together:

There will always be time to make money and bring financial stability in your life. You’ll have your whole life to do all that, so don’t compromise on your time with your spouse. I don’t advocate neglecting work, but invest your time in your relationships too. Setting priorities is again an important factor here!

6.     It’s a whole new ball game once you have Kids:

Kids are a blessing and they make your bond stronger with spouse but remember, it’s a full-time job. You’ll never get a vacation from it! Having kids should be a mutual decision and both should understand their individual responsibility. You might not be able to spend the same amount of time with each other, but the experience of being a parent is a sheer bliss! Kids solidify marriage and affect only those marriages where the relation was already fragile.

7.     Your Spouse’s Family is your Family:

Even though you may not get completely close with your new family, there will be a bond between them and you. You might not always be in sync with them, but you will always have your emotions attached to them. In the hardest times, you both get the confidence that come what may, you can count on your partner to take of your family with love and care.

8.     The Spark keeps on Fading. It needs to be Kept Alive:

Remember, you would need to be with each other every single day and at times the routine may get boring. Keeping the spark alive makes it more easy and lively to keep the relationship healthy. Have a date night often or watch a movie together or take a boat ride! Who says, you can’t romance after ‘X’ years of your marriage???

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9.     Some ‘Me’ Time Is Actually Healthy:

We know that you love your spouse and want to spend your whole life with him/her but sometimes you just need a getaway. Having some alone time is actually healthy and refreshing. After all, you are an individual too whose existence needs to be acknowledged outside the relationship of marriage too. Enjoy some alone time too!

10. It only gets ‘Better’:

With the passage of time, you’ll get more close to each other and know each other’s likes and dislikes more. Slowly and gradually, you will realize that there are some habits your spouse can’t change and eventually, you get so used to them too!!! 😉 This will make things fall in place and these will get only better with the time.

Ever heard from the experienced couples, “We used to have a lot of differences of opinion in the beginning but now we are on the same pace?”

Well, that goes in our relationship too! What matters most is our Today and We are Happy to be In line with Each Other’s Thoughts Process! 🙂

Share with us the things that your marriage taught you. We would love to hear them all!

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