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6 Quick Tips before Traveling with Kids

6 Quick Tips before Traveling with Kids

With all the excitement while planning for a trip, there are at least few things that always slip from your mind…can be as little as a book to read or hands free for listening songs during the travel.

Things like, Airfare, Rental cars, Hotel Accommodation are some of the basic things that would you need to consider in the first step of the process. However, if you are traveling with kids(s), that is just not enough and you would need to be all the more careful while planning for a travel. Traveling with kids is challenging, but undertaking some of our quick tips can make the trip more enjoyable and memorable for you.


  1. Opt for Appropriate Accommodation

Traveling with kids demands a wise decision when it comes to accommodation. There are many hotels that offer family deals. Try grabbing those hotels by checking on their reviews as it is one of the best ways to make a favor to your pocket. Moreover, there are rooms which are stuffed with kid toys/activity play area. Such hotels can keep your child engaged leaving you relaxed. To have a stress free travel, try to opt for an appropriate self-contained accommodation.

  1. Exchange Currency/Cash

Imagine, you are in urgent need of some baby food and the card that you relied upon does not work in the country you have traveled to! Can you believe to be in such a situation? If you are traveling abroad, try exchanging a significant amount of currency before-hand, either by visiting the currency exchange office or your bank. Get a specific amount of cash in your wallet and do not totally depend on the ATM as there are times when for some reason, the ATM does not work in the countries overseas. Make sure that you get your ATM checked for its usage abroad.

  1. First Day List

The excitement level on the first day of the trip is at its top but due to the arrangements and  planning required to be made for the rest of the days, it often turns out be the most boring and tiring day of the trip. To keep the travel momentum high, planning ahead will be of great help. Talk to the hotel where you would be staying for the trip or halting for a night. If you want to have certain arrangements made for the baby before you reach, just inform the hotel staff in advance do the preparations so that the child doesn’t have to wait.

  1. Long Drive through the Map

If you have kids along with you, it is always necessary to pre-check with the places where you plan to visit. What if you have thought to travel by private car through the way and the place can be best visited with bus? Take the map of your destination and pick each location that you are planning to visit. Check the routes and modes of transport. Plan the day accordingly taking the traveling time in consideration as you would not like to get yourself choked with many locations to travel to in one day without taking the traveling time from one place to another in concern. Go slow if it is the first time for your baby to travel. Remember that young children have short attention spans and get tired very quickly.

  1. Pack for the Weather

Checking the weather is the most important thing before you actually go about planning for a tour. Stuff the clothes and accessories according to the temperature. If the climate is a little colder than your usual experience and you are going there for the first time, do not mind taking a couple of extra winter wears as you would not like your kid to stay the rest of the day on bed snuggled with cough and cold. Do not forget to take along a medical kit containing all the necessary medicines and first aid requirements, like, baby paracetamol, thermometer, anti-itching lotion, band-aids, etc.

  1. Pack plenty of Toys

This is something we all overlook while planning for a trip and repent later. Pack plenty of your child’s favorite toys to keep him amused during the travel but don’t offer him all at once. Offer one toy at a time and once the child shows signs of boredom, replace with another toy. In case of more than one kid, to avoid the fight over sharing, make sure each of them has his own stash of toys.

Now since you are almost done with preparations for your tour, check if you have got the passport and the required documents in your bag before you lock the door. Also, don’t forget to grab camera to preserve the wonderful memories of the trip. Won’t you like to have a scrapbook for your kid where you can paste the most candid pictures of your baby’s childhood? 🙂

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