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7 Fun ideas to fill your home with love this Valentine

7 Fun ideas to fill your home with love this Valentine

With the economic liberalisation in the recent past years, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has become quite popular in India. Although some political groups have been protesting such celebrations considering it the impact of western culture, still it is celebrated with full enthusiasm and energy in many parts of the country.

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2016 with the little wonders in your life and not sure how to make it all the more special for them?

We are here with 7 Fun Ideas to fill your home with Love this Valentine:

  1. Make the cupid inspired Meal: Create signature dishes for lunch and dinner. Put a twist to the regular eateries with cupid inspired theme. How about pizzas in a heart shape, red velvet cupcakes or a rainbow of salad dressing? You may accompany any meal with soft drinks in champagne glasses to enjoy a fancy feast.
  1. Snuggle up in Bed: Take out your pillows and blankets and get comfy with a cute Valentine-day favorite movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” “Lady and the Tramp”, etc. There is nothing more bonding for a family than snuggling together in bed.
  1. Add a splash of color: Create Valentine’s day decoration in red, white, and pink color. For the dining table, create heart-shaped place mats made from construction paper. The added splash of color will be exciting for the kids and is definitely going to fill your home with love in the air. You may even decorate your kids and yourselves with temporary heart tattoos.
  1. Organise a Heart Treasure Hunt: Create few construction-paper hearts or heart chocolates and hide them all over the house for the kids to find. The one who finds more number of cards than others, win a special Valentine-day prize, a special candy or a book !
  1. Express your love: Let everyone of you share five reasons as to why you love each other. This can do wonders and fill each one of you with love. Elders can seek this as an opportunity to praise the child with plenty of positive and encouraging words while the kids enjoy hearing it. It would also be very interesting to know the reasons why your kids love you. This is surely going to strengthen the bond of love you share.
  1. Have a photo shoot: Make Valentine’s day prop and use them to have the perfect photo shoot of your little wonders. You may even buy some very pretty of the props available in the market. Some good fun props can be, heart shaped sunglasses, balloons, chalkboard, or candy.
  1. Tune in to the love of Music Together: Create a playlist of all the songs that are special to you and reminds you of the particular love era of your life. This may include the song played at the party where you met, or at your wedding or at your child’s birthday or that reminds you of a family holiday or festival.  Talk about the songs with your kids giving them a rare insight of a different aspect of your life.  Dance to these tunes together holding the wonderful memories and your beloved family in your arms.

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day…. Enjoy all the love!!!

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