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9 Days of Fasting and Weight Loss

9 Days of Fasting and Weight Loss

“Can the 9 Days of Fasting during Navratri help me shed those extra kilos? Will I be my prior self again? Will I be able to loose some weight as well???? Will it be a perfect mix of Fasting and Weight Loss for me? How to loose weight fast? “

As the festive season sets in, we begin to crave for the delicious foods that are prepared and served during the festivities. And believe me, these foods have the power to make our taste buds tingle even with just a mere imagination! To ring in the celebrations, the festival of Navratri brings with it not just joys and colours of intermingling cultures but also sumptuous cuisines.

Fasting during ‘Navratri’ is popular nationwide. While it is definitely the faith in God that fasting is done, at the back of our minds we think it to have a healthy effect on our body and its shape! But alas, at the end of it, the truth hits hard on us. Sometimes, really too hard I must say!!! 😉 Fasting and Weight loss do not always go together hand-in-hand. Instead of losing the slightest of the weight,  people generally end up putting on more bulk. How and why? The questions keep coming back every time they look in the mirror!

Want to know what’s the Answer? How to loose weight fast? Well, Here it is!

A general tendency during fasts is thinking for quick weight loss. The moment we decide to fast for an occasion, like fasting for Navratri, we begin preparing a long list of eatables, over the counter fasting snacks, juices, sweets, etc. (of course we need them at home…..for the guests who might be fasting too, really???) However, inside us everyone knows whose body will it actually go into! 😉

Don’t we end up consuming most of those things ourselves with a thought that just a bit won’t matter… “I’m fasting after all ???”

The truth is that it all matters…every single bite matters!!!

This fasting period of 9 days is a wonderful opportunity for all those who want to stay fit and want quick weight loss. Judicious choices of food items, staying active and not resorting to all day long binging is the best way to loose weight. If you are fasting for weight loss, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned weight loss tips:

  1. Carry on with your normal exercise routine just as the other days. You are eating enough to manage this energy expenditure.
  2. Drink plenty of water over the day. It is the most effective way to loose weight.
  3. Use liquids like buttermilk, green tea, cucumber and lemon water. They can be easily used. Go for them.
  4. Take 5-6 small meals of healthy food stuffs instead of 2 big meals. The gaps between those two meals will make you crave for some kick from that snack box. Well, some people generally avoid eating again and again during the fasts but this is what can help you keep yourself fit and healthy. Remember, health is weath!
  5. Use low-calorie sweeteners instead of white sugar. Brown sugar or jaggery would also be good options.
  6. Use Cooking oil sparingly. Prefer grilling and dry roasting over frying.
  7. Stay away from fried foods and avoid adding ghee to your food. 
  8. Do not buy, keep and consume over the counter fasting snacks. Like the so-called, vrat wali namkeens. Instead, look for foods to eat to loose weight.
  9. Stay away from sweets as much as possible. 
  10. Avoid Binging. Reach out for that whole fruit if you feel hungry.
  11. Do not consume too much of beverages. They contain sweeteners of one type or the other.
  12. Avoid having juices. Instead go for whole fruits.
  13. Use salt sparingly. Avoid adding too much of salt to chutneys and raitas.

Judicious choices of fasting foods and an active lifestyle with sufficient exercise will definitely help you in your weight loss plans.

Surprise yourself this Navratri…. Happy fasting..!!!! Jai Mata Di….


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