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A Letter to My Daughters : 15 Important life Lessons !!!

A Letter to My Daughters : 15 Important life Lessons !!!

I am writing this letter now, while you are still young, to read when you are older, a letter you won’t read for years to come. For me, those years will fly – On the other hand, they will crawl for you- a slow progression of childhood joys, preteen pains, and teenage anger, if it’s possible to just be a kid forever or time to finally be an adult!
Life isn’t a race, simply because the first to the finish is done. You have an untainted view of life that I wish I could get back. My aim is to help you live in each moment and gain life experiences that hopefully one day you can look back on and remember with vivid clarity the emotions you felt in that moment.
These are all the life lessons I hope to teach you by that time. I am writing to you from the bottom of my heart , receive them into the bottom of yours!!!
1. We Are Always here : Tomorrow you’ll become an adult and have your own life. We will not always see eye to eye, and both of us may hurt each other as we grow but nothing will ever change or replace the love your father & I have for you. You gave our life so much meaning and the love we share is eternal.

2. Follow Your Dreams : Others cannot define you or your dreams. No matter if your dreams aren’t popular among your friends or family. If your gut tells you to do it, then do it. You are who you decide to be, sometimes it takes time to find it out and that’s ok.

3. You Are God’s Treasure : Growing up, I was always told by my Mom that I was God’s treasure. I just hope you will remember and know that too. You are special to us and you are special to God. You are the only one of your kind in this world.

4. Play in the Rain : Play in the rain forgetting the world!!! Rain has healing Power. It can wash away all your worries n cleanse your soul. It’s okay to let loose and be silly sometimes – in fact, I encourage it.

5. Learn the art of Forgiving : Forgiving is an Art. It needs courage to forgive someone. Learn to Forgive and work through. The persons you keep those bad feeling about, they don’t care. It’s only going to damage you, not them.

6. Believe your Husband : When you are married, “two become one.” You are there to help each other. A good husband will want to take care of you and will be reliable. Of course, he will let you down at times too. When that happens, remember, no relationship is all sunshine. When one is fire, the other should be water! Believe in him and deal with any unwanted situation calmly. It takes an evolving door of commitment and trust to make what we call Marriage.

7. Apologize : I know it’s tough to gather the courage to apologize, but do it, not only for them you hurt but for yourself.

8. It’s Okay To Be Different : Sometimes you need to take the path that is less traveled and, while you do this, you will be a much happier person and enjoy wonderful experiences. Just be true to yourself in everything you do.

9. Establish your Moral Boundaries n Get Connected to GOD : Establish your Moral Boundaries and never ever compromise them for anything or anyone. Always do what’s right in the Eye of God and be God Fearing. There will always be people who will tell you the shortcuts to heaven or the ways to bypass hell, just don’t believe them. Always be true to your own self and let not the situations or surroundings make you otherwise!

10. Dress with modesty : Dress yourself modestly, decently, and appropriately. You don’t need to show off your body to be noticed. You can look more appealing without exposing.

11. Laugh  Loud & Cry Out : We all do or say silly stuff! Learn to laugh out at you. At times, its OK to be imperfect. Sometimes you just need to cry. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to cry out. It is freeing. My Heart & Arms are always open for you!

12. Never Give Up : Never give up to the obstacles along the way to your goals. Keep going with much more zeal. Don’t let them stop you. Just work harder, don’t give up. You can do it!

13. Nobody is Perfect : Don’t look out the fault in others. Always remember, you yourself are not perfect. Accept that in others. Remember no matter how much you want to be right, sometimes you are going to be wrong!

14. Be Grateful : Rather than complaining about what you don’t have, learn to be truly and sincerely grateful for what you have!

15. Life is Not Forever : Nobody ever knows when it will be the last day on this earth, Live every day to the fullest. Don’t live life for THINGS – it’s nothing that you can take along!

As the old Greeks said “Live as though all your ancestors were living again through you”. Now, when I am writing this letter, I realize I sometimes forgot to live in the moment. I hope to give you the world through your eyes, not mine. But secretly, when you’ll learn these lessons in your life n live upto them, I will be living all over again through both of You.

I love you now and I love you then.

Always and Forever 🙂


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  1. While reading, I felt like someone is teaching how to live life. Though this article is written by keeping girls in mind however most of the points are equally useful for boys. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks… I had a flair for writing from Always… Have been involved with articles in the school n College magazines too…. Collection is all from Inspiration!!!


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