A Tale of Love, Lost & Found

My husband and I had an arranged marriage. Since the day we got engaged I found him composed, polite and intelligent. He was never the one to wear his heart on his sleeve and was always quiet when it came to express his feelings for me. And perhaps that is the reason our courtship period was altogether different from others! I always believed that this period moulds a good marriage life but it turned out to be very strange for me. I have had friends and cousins who used to remain busy on calls with their partners almost all the time during their courtship period and it were we, who would rarely had any talk. It’s nerve-wracking to admit that even with the least of the communications, I was already falling for him but he was quite tough to read so I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way too!

With a medley of emotions in my heart, we got married. I still had no idea about what he feels but wanted to know what it felt like to be loved by the man of my dreams. To my surprise, he welcomed me whole-heartedly into his life. From the very first day of our marriage, being with him was a delight. Everything had fallen into place without him explicitly admitting that he loved me. His love was obvious in the little things he did. I didn’t even feel the need for him to explicitly tell me he loved me for his concern, his care, his understanding said it all.

Months went by and I got pregnant with my first baby. Pregnancy is a life changing experience and I was lucky to have a healthy pregnancy throughout. During my last trimester I became very messy and had continuous mood swings. With the everyday changing shape of the body and the baby bump, I developed the feeling that he didn’t love me anymore. I used to look at the mirror and try to find out the earlier me. I was no more the girl he married but a mere shadow of her! I started feeling depressed and the harder I used to think of the good old days, the more it aggravated the hypertension.

One day after my routine health check-up, he took me to the nearby park. There was another couple sitting on a bench expressing love for each other. I kept looking at them for minutes for I felt this was something I was deprived of! My husband held my hands into his, looked at me in the eyes and told me how much more he loves me than ever. This was the first time in our three years relationship that he said those words. He kissed my forehead and expressed that he couldn’t wait anymore for our bundle of love to be in his arms. I was overwhelmed with joy. We walked holding hands admiring the sunset. I could feel the silly smile taking over my face and that’s when I knew he never stopped loving me!

I was glad to find the love that actually never lost! 

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