Abortion – Just Another Option?

“We call her Mother Earth. And, as her children, it is our duty to ensure that she does not suffer from overpopulation which can be extremely hazardous for her existence. That is why we don’t want to bring this child into this world. We are only doing our duty to our mother.” Next time someone tries to accuse a couple going for an abortion, they should try this to silence the critics. How else are they going to explain to the world that they didn’t have the time to get a pill or a piece of rubber in the heat of passion?

Jokes apart, the rate of unintended pregnancies and subsequent abortions is increasing alarmingly all around the world. Even when contraceptive methods are available in plenty and on cheap rates, people don’t care about consequences and act irresponsibly. Unfortunately, many of them have no qualms about opting for abortion. They do it as if it were as simple as plucking an eyebrow or popping a pimple. It can be understood if it happens once. After all, accidents do happen and the couple may not have the resources or time to have a child now, or may have some other valid reason like health issues. But, when it happens twice or thrice, it is just a total disregard for another life, especially when millions in the world are waiting for a teeny-weeny life to enter their lives.  Remember, you are not born as animals who eat their own babies. Be human, behave human. Aborting a life in your womb is no less a sin. When one couple goes for abortion, there is another couple undergoing some treatment hoping that this would help them hold their own little bundle of joy in their arms. Unplanned pregnancies and abortions are a mockery of all the infertility treatments that we have today. Always remember, abortion is not just another option!

It is not that by not going for abortion you are giving a childless couple any solace. When mom says not to waste food because millions don’t have even a piece of bread to eat, you often think “well, my eating all of this is not going to fill their stomachs”, but still it is the thought, the concern, and the empathy that matters. You may have all the pleasure in the world. Nobody is stopping you from that. But, just once, think of that little cell that had precious life in it that never saw the light of the world. A life that you took, a life that many wanted, and a life that was actually a piece of yours. You probably needed a couple of hours or less to get rid of it; you only needed a couple of minutes to prevent it from forming in the first place. Act responsibly. Don’t end up as serial killers. The world needs babies to survive, more than people like you!

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