Age is No Bar to Fall in Love

Love is an eternal feeling that can conquer even the worst fear and is above all the mere physical or emotional attraction.When you fall in love with someone, none of his age, height or weight matters. All that matters to you is spending time and life with until the last breath. Yes, it is so because age is only a number that tells you how old your body is but the soul is forever young if you have found the right person whom you care, love and will cherish the entire eternity.

Age is no bar to fall in love head over heels for someone. Every moment spent with your partner would be precious to you. You will never be old to enjoy his or her presence, to walk through the river side holding hands, to doll yourself in spas and beauty centers, to play jokes and try to annoy each other, to hug and cuddle like small kids, to be silly at times and enjoy life being in love without thinking of what the entire world would say!

To be frank, I feel it is the society that has made everything in two dockets of right and wrong; some pre-defined articulates that do not have any strong methodology behind it. Love is such a wonderful feeling, how can one say that loving anybody can be wrong just because you are a young powerful girl and he is a rich old man or you are a young handsome boy and your girl is matured and older than you? In reality, when the older man tries to seek love from his younger lady, he is just trying to fill in his deserted life with compassion and care. At the same time, the younger woman is trying to find stability, mental and emotional, and experienced partners who know how to handle various ups and downs smoothly instead of digging and working hard to achieve the gold that is found always on the other side. It is the compatibility that is given prime importance not age.

Love has enormity; you can’t judge it just because the society has made some rules for it. There are several examples that are right in front of us such as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dusanjh, Sukanya and sitar maestro Ravi Shankar, Abhishek Bacchan and Aishwarya Rai, Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali; they did not fall in love with a calculated risk but still are known for their strong bonding and commitment to live life together without any glitches. You can only find the strong vibes encompassing love in its various shapes and forms for age doesn’t guarantee maturity.

When a mother gives birth to a child, she has immense love and gratification towards her. That age has no barrier to love. The father loves his doting son and again, the age between them has no barrier. Dotingly caring for pets and making sacrifices just to stay with them, you do not need age to define that love and ironically, the world accepts it! When the age is not a barrier between other relationships, why can’t our society look at the relationship between couples beyond the criteria of their age? Why do we get shocked to hear someone marrying a person who has a major age difference? Why can’t the society look at their signs of being in love rather than their age? Why is there so much societal pressure that even after having a stunning relationship despite of their age, the two lovers leave other just to meet the requirements of staying in the society respectably? Perhaps, it might be because we, as a society, do not want to promote such deeds by supporting them but then, are we not doing injustice to such lovers? Don’t you think we are no one to judge their personal compatible choice for life?

Once, Shakespeare was asked for a reason to marry an elder woman. He simply showed a calendar to that man and asked him, “Can you tell which day is younger or which is older here in the week?” And that says it all.

There is no age, gender or race while falling in love for the person who can make you go crazy. Age is no bar when you fall in love and that love can happen at any age. No pre-defined sociology or science can prove you wrong when you are falling for the right choice. It is the itch that keeps troubling you beneath the heart that can only be healed when you find your true love. Loving someone means to always love the other person irrespective of anything else. True love is the absence of judgment.  It can never be judgmental. Never, ever!

Love is an absolute feeling that will make you survive the hardest times. You do not need a person’s age as a license to make him love you forever. No matter what the world says, it is you who have to live with your partner. It is you who has known your partner for ages.

Do not cease yourself to share love because Age is no bar to fall in love but a limitation you put on your mind, your dreams, your aspirations!!!

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