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Selecting the best diapers for kids is the toughest job. The qualities that I look for in a diaper are; comfort level, absorbing capacity, and tightness. These are the three things through which I analyze the diapers for my kid, as the comfort of my baby is my first priority. And why not, it is important for his happy and healthy development after all!

Pampers 1 Dipers

My husband brought the NextGen Pampers Baby Dry pants for my kid but when I opened the packaging and took out the diaper, I was surprised to see how extra thin it was. Immediately after looking at it I looked at my husband and told him in these exact words, “You know how much our kid pees, do you think this will even stay on for 2 hours?” My husband laughed and said, “An early judgment often misleads. Don’t judge it just now, just make him wear it and then analyze the results.”

Well, we had a whole trip planned for the day, so I quickly dressed up my baby and put on the NextGen Pampers Pants. For emergency, I kept the whole packet of diapers in the baby bag because I was sure that I’ll have to change at least 2 to 3  during the whole day, like I always do.

We were on our way to the beach and the worried Mumma in me kept on checking my baby’s thighs and waist for the marks of tightness. But guess what! I couldn’t find, since the inner side of the  was very soft and there was not even the slightest sign of red marks! Must say, I was getting impressed! 😉

In the three-hour drive, I made my husband stop the car and went on the back seat to change my baby’s diaper, for I knew it was already the time to change his diaper.  To my surprise, when I took off his Pampers pant, I was amazed to see that the  pant was as dry as new! I informed my husband and it was then that he informed me that there are three extra absorbing channels in the new Next Gen Pampers Pants and that it absorbs 3 times faster than any other diaper. I was happy beyond words to see that even after a three-hour drive, my baby was happy and comfortable.

Pampers 2 Diapers - Magic of three

We continued on for further 30 minutes, we reached our destination. Our baby busy running around with my husband and I was busy capturing them with my lens.  It was already the time for lunch. I called upon this father-son duo to come back to the hut for lunch. With an effort to make my son more comfortable while he eats his lunch, I thought to first change his diaper but what I found was nothing less than unbelievable. Even after five long hours, his NextGen Pampers pant was still super dry.  For a moment I got worried, as to what if he didn’t pee since we left home? But, how wrong was I! There was nothing wrong with him but something very special with his diaper.

After 9 hours of complete picnic fun, we went back home. My baby slept on the way back and was still sleeping a sound sleep.  It was so satisfying seeing him enjoying a deep comfortable slumber. I made one decision that day that from now on, NextGen Pampers pants will be my only choice when it will come to the most comfortable and hygienic diaper for my kid. And I would never compromise my baby’s health and comforts using any other diaper than NextGen Pampers Baby Dry pants!


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