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What all should you buy on Dhanteras?

What all should you buy on Dhanteras?

Among all the festivals and celebrations that we have in India, Dhanteras is probably the most awaited day for the grand purchase of the year. It is believed that buying new things on this auspicious day will bring good luck and prosperity in the days to come. Though most people look for gold and silver jewelry on this sacred day, you can be more creative and opt for a number of other articles that have great value and are believed to be equally powerful in bringing good luck and prosperity.

Here is a list of traditional as well as innovative lucky charms and objects that you should buy on Dhanteras:

  1. Gold

Dhanteras is one of the occasions when gold is in great demand. This precious metal has immense value among the buyers both as an asset and as an object of wealth and luck. Purchase gold jewelry, gold bars, or gold coins on Dhanteras for year-round prosperity. Look for coins embossed with the image of Goddess Lakshmi. Jewellers and banks offer gold coins on the occasion of Dhanteras. Other ideas for gold articles that you can buy on Dhanteras would be small figurines of Goddess Lakshmi, gold utensils like plates, trays, bowls, etc., and statues of other deities like Lord Ganesha. Make sure that the gold articles you purchase are of good quality and have value. Check purity marks and authorizations before you buy.

  1. Gold ETFs

If you are not very big on purchasing physical gold and yet would like to invest in this mesmerizing metal, you can buy Gold ETFs. Though you are not buying any gold article, you are still spending on mutual fund schemes that are linked to the price of gold. In this age of technology and internet, even Goddess Lakshmi can enter your home online!

  1. Utensils

Buying new utensils on Dhanteras is another way to bring prosperity. From exquisite pooja thalis to everyday kitchenware, you can purchase any type of utensil on this day. Steel, brass, and bronze utensils are great articles to gift as well.

  1. Silverware

If gold is not your choice metal, there is always the lustrous silver with its myriads of designs and patterns. Purchasing silver jewelry and other silverware on Dhanteras is as auspicious as buying gold. If you don’t want to splurge, and yet want to buy a precious metal, silver is the ideal choice. Most people buy silver coins with the embossed image of Goddess Lakshmi. Statues of deities, silver spoons and other utensils, coins of Lord Ganesha, silver pooja set, etc. also are quite popular. Silverware is an excellent choice for token purchase on Dhanteras and for gifting on Diwali. It is economical and still serves the purpose of inviting wealth and good luck to your homes.

  1. Lockers and Safes

Good luck in your trade should not be ignored on this holy day. Business persons can buy lockers and safes that stand for riches and prosperity in business.

  1. Accounts Register

Buy a new account register on Dhanteras and keep it in the West direction of your workplace or house for your business to flourish in the coming years.

  1. Objects Related to Professions

Bring good luck and wealth to your profession by buying any article related to your work. Students can buy a new notebook or pen, artists can buy paint or brush, and so on.

  1. Gomti Chakra

These beautiful stones hold great significance as they are believed to ward off bad luck and bring prosperity to those who keep it. Traditionally, 11 Gomti Chakras are bought and wrapped in yellow cloth before they are stored in the locker or safe.

  1. Broom

Buying a broomstick on Dhanteras is considered the most symbolic way to sweep poverty out of your house.

  1. Swastik

You can get a Swastik sign and hang it on your doorstep or on the gate to welcome good luck and prosperity.

  1. Appliances

These days, people also buy electronic and electrical appliances on Dhanteras. Though these do not have any direct association with wealth or luck, you can still buy them as it is something new that you purchase on Dhanteras. Moreover, this will be a good time to buy such objects as there will be a number of deals and discounts offered by stores and companies.

  1. Properties

Dhanteras is also an auspicious time to buy a land or house.

  1. Coriander seeds

Dried coriander seeds are bought on Dhanteras and offered to Goddess Lakshmi at the time of Lakshmi Puja. Later some of these seeds are sown in the garden or in earthen pots and some are kept in the safe along with cowries and Gomti Chakras.

Whether you want to spend a fortune or just indulge in token buying, you have a wide variety of articles that are offered on sale on Dhanteras. The choice is yours!

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