Goddess Durga – The Epitome of Strength & Courage

As the festive season embarks with Navaratris and Durga Pooja, I witness a rise of enthusiasm amongst kids, adults and seniors alike. Mehendi colored palms, glittering ornaments, shimmery cholis and dupattas is certainly a sight that reminds us to let go off our errands for a few days and have fun. Gorgeous ladies dressed beautifully for their dandiyas giggle all the way and dance rhythmically to the melodious tunes playing in the background. Needless to mention, kids are at their best since everyone is busy celebrating the festivities. The aromas of various sweets, bhogs and special menus fill the air that make us forget our otherwise well crafted diet plan 😉

Right then I catch a glimpse of a huge and well decorated Durga Pooja Pandal. The pretty ladies clad in white sari with red border look divine. The big red colored bindi on their forehead make them look like Durga “avataar”. The smoke from havan, conch sound and “Dhunuchi dance” transforms everything around into something that’s very sacred. And as I take the liberty to soak myself in this divinity, a voice in my head quivers me. I look at the idol of Goddess Durga – the epitome of strength and courage. My eyes moisten…

There is a lot written and talked about women who were brave and fought the odds in their lives. Many were considered as an inspiration and were a topic during the “International women’s day”. But readers, today when I’m looking eye-to-eye with idol of Goddess Durga, I’m only reminded of brave mothers who gave up their sons for this country. Each day, hour and second our fearless soldiers have been safeguarding millions of lives so that we all can celebrate today. My heart leaps to those mothers who gave birth to such heroes. They are the ones who remind me of Goddess Durga!

Be it Kargil, Siachen or Uri, our heroes have shown the world that our country can’t be shattered by such mere attacks. For, we have mothers who give birth and nurture the brave hearts!! Afterall “HERO” has a new definition – “Her Origin” or originated from ‘Her’…a mother… These soldiers are those lions that don’t lose sleep over sheep!! And their mothers are unquestionably the strongest of them all. I salute their courage and strength! She is truly a Durga.

I see no tears of regret in her eyes when these soldiers are wrapped in tricolor and brought back from the battlefield. I only witness pride and a sense of accomplishment. Where does she get this strength from? Indeed she is the strongest of them all…not because she has shown strength in front of others. But, because she has won battles not many are aware of. I bow my head in front of her for she is a real Durga!

Each time you see her, you will only notice tranquility on her face; even when the battle is on. She would not enquire about her son’s safety and would only want to know if the opponent is defeated for she is certain about her brave son. She is a woman born from fire! And yes, certainly a DurgaMa today!

She gets the lump in her throat every time she hears the national anthem. She proudly declares that she was just a mother before and having her soldier son she is now a ‘strong’ mother. Being a soldier’s mother she knows she has to be tough and learn about the strengths that she never knew existed. And she deals with fear that continues to creep inside. I bow down, salute and respect her..she indeed is my Durgama today.

Before I conclude, I met one such hero and childlike I asked him “Why did you join army? To serve the country?” he said – “My mom told me that I could be anyone I wish and I became a soldier!” I salute to her fearless attitude, strongest and disciplined upbringing, unwavering confidence and her sacrifice. She is my Goddess Durga for today and always! I now comprehend the reasons for my moist eyes.

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