Having a Sibling is Worth Celebrating!!!

Something changed in Sanvi the moment she became a big sister (Yes, I am talking about the day Dishika entered Home). 🙂 Nobody expected her to, but my lil Sanvi took it as a responsibility to nurture her younger sister.  Though they were born just 17 months apart, but Sanvi would behave as if Dishika was her baby. She would love watching her sleeping for long, would lightly kiss her tiny hands with love, she would sleep with her, would make her smile and what not! She just got a living toy that became her life. They kept each other company. We loved to watch them together. When we didn’t understand as to why she must be cranky, Sanvi would ; and make her smile in her own way. She just didn’t have the heart to see her crying. She was so protective of her lil sister ! Even her younger one too loved her like anything. Her eyes used to light up whenever she heard her voice, the glow of an awesome sibling love! They had a connection and love that never failed to surprise me. It was only they who could make each other happier than anyone else can!!! I started calling them SANDISH – a lil bit of Sanvi n a lil bit of her Dishika!!! 🙂

I hope when Sandish will look back they remember that happiness & love come from the simplest of things. Life can be hard at times and challenge us to even smile, but taking time to enjoy the small things and embracing the joy and beauty of life’s moments is what this life is all about. Through my photographs, I hope they will find the treasures of their childhood; from sleepy baby days, to their favorite books and toys, their smile & free spirit, their love for bright colors, crayons, music and dance, and their admiration for each other. I want them to know & remember it all.  And how lucky are we to have this amazing device to pull out of our pockets to capture such moments?  I think it’s pretty awesome. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts. Today, I am sharing some of their pics each one having a different memory associated with!

I saw my elder one soothing her crying sister by singing her a lullaby… and to my surprise, the little one stopped crying too. One of the Best moments ever! What else Mumma could do, but take a quick pic??? 😉



They’re inseparable. I couldn’t ask for a more caring, loving sister for her! I think this picture says it all!!! 



“What I see now, is this little girl who loves her sister unconditionally!” 



Dishika was afraid of going to the swings and Sanvi was convincing her that it was pretty easy saying, “Come, I’ll help you”.  Together, they held hands and made their way to the big Swing… My Mumma heart melted!!!



Sanvi’s love for her sister is forever increasing which has been amazing to watch them grow and learn together. I am so lucky that they are inseparable!!!



At times, I am confused, who is imitating who? 😛



With each additional child, the family dynamic changes. No two children are actually the same. If Sanvi is my Disney princess, Dishu is my Tom Boy! I love them to pieces but they sometime really test Mommy’s patience. One minute they are their lovely, normal, sweet selves and the next they fight over nothing. One Minute, they are the biggest enemies, and the next they are each other’s greatest advocates!  How much they fight over now, but I will never forget how sweet and gentle they were with each other then”!

However fights they might have, but they never let the third person hurt. Whenever I see them helping each other, playing, sharing, dancing or even enjoying, their relationship as Siblings seems perfect to me. They are the best of the friends and love each other unconditionally. Looking at them I feel that the world would be a less lonely place if you have siblings with you and that’s the reason why people say that having a sibling is worth Celebrating!!! 🙂

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  1. Shokhi really gr8 job..even my heart melted like anything rem my sister nd childhood days..nice one.


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