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I Don’t Like Studying Mom, I Like Soccer

I Don’t Like Studying Mom, I Like Soccer

What is wrong with you? How can you get low grades?” the only question that most of the parents ask after handling their kid’s report card. The kid does nothing but looks down as even he does not know the answer and feels he is not worth of his parents or is not intelligent at all to top the class. As a parent, have you ever realized how painful your words can be for your kids?

The system has made examinations and passing with excellent grades in each exam mandatory; no matter whether the subjects taught catches attention and increases their eagerness to learn of the students. The family and teachers have made school learning a process that has to be followed without any hesitation and if any student achieves lower grades he is considered to be stupid or non-rational. Does it really have to be this way? Can academic excellence only decide the future of the student? If he is not good at studies but only excellent in sports, why isn’t he supported whole-heartedly by the parents?

It is the responsibility of the parents to help their kids understand where his passion lies. Their development should be made in an area where they are comfortable instead of comparing them to somebody else’s child or making them grasp those subjects which they simply cannot digest. Each child has his own uniqueness.

Schooling is made to follow to make each student intellectual and find his own eagerness in the pool of subjects provided to him; it is not made for rote learning. If your kid is not scoring A+ grade in one subject, he may be better in another. You need to observe the patterns of the marks he receive in every level and make him pick whichever subject he likes to succeed instead of judging.

Your only responsibility is to keep a keen eye on his actions and his likings to develop them. However, if you think that he really is prevailing extra-curricular activities more than necessary and completely disregarding the regular studies, you need to reduce the play and teach him why studying is important. Do not bribe him to do it. Have faith in your child but do not let him be over confident at the very early stage. Understand where he is lying low and gaining good marks. Boost him for his strengths and make him overcome his weaknesses. After a certain age, avoid spoon-feeding everything. Let him explore the world by having you at his side always.

Happy Parenting 🙂

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