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Year 2015 was all about reinventing my Passion – The Tale of a Mother!

Year 2015 was all about reinventing my Passion – The Tale of a Mother!

Life gave me everything one could ever ask for, be it education, career, employment or the most important,my family! Right from my birth to education, from my most loving parents and siblings to an amazing husband and two pretty daughters, God blessed me with a life which many dream of! Of course, I am very much grateful to God for all what he has bestowed on me but apart from the life I had, there was still something I wanted to do. I didn’t know the reason as to why I always had an inner urge to do ‘something else’? Perhaps there was somewhere ‘something’ that could bring me satisfaction or a sense of completion!

I discussed with my husband and the conversation with him was a turning point in my life.

He said, “OK, you say you want to do something but what is that ‘something’, are you aware?”

I said, “I haven’t thought that yet. I am not able to think about anything related to finance, my area of expertise.” (I had it as my ‘major’ during my Masters)

He said, “Start afresh in your life. Forget what you’ve studied or done in the past. Find what makes you happy and go for it with all your heart! Do what you love and success will come naturally. Reinvent yourself. Take some alone time and think what you are passionate about? Passion brings with itself dedication and determination.”  He again asked, “Find out if it is the field of Finance that you are passionate about or was it by virtue or luck that you got this stream and since then you are flowing with it?”

This introspection was a turning point for me. I realized that I had somewhere lost myself in the worldly affairs and was just flowing with the stream. I thought deeply for days and came up with my ‘something’.

I came to him and very hesitatingly said, “I want to write. I from always had a passion for writing and poetry and have been actively involved in writing articles for my school and college magazine. I had to leave it midway due to the enormous pressure of studies.”  

His reaction was totally different to my expectations. He said, “Great! I am really happy you took out time for yourself. I know you write but you love writing to this extent is just amazing to know! Do you have any specific topic in mind to write or you want to write general?” I said, “Since our kids are born, I have been thinking to write about my experiences through my journey of parenting so as to help others and in the process gain knowledge too. I want to define Parenting through my Eyes!

He was delighted to hear that, for I can sense the excitement in his voice when he said, “I am surprised that despite of having such a great idea you were quiet till now but now no more!”

He insisted me to start blogging and that is how it all started. We thought real hard to give our blog a name that truly depicts what it’s going to be all about. It was then that the name “SheerParenting” struck us. It was just apt!

SheerParenting” is a Blog to share Sheer experiences of our Parenting Journey and yes, not to forget, SP has a little bit of both of us, a little bit of Shokhi , a little bit of Prasoon!

I have learnt that life is all about reinventing ourselves. One can always make a new start or follow an altogether different path or transverse a path less traveled to discover a new and better self. Trust me, try it once and you’ll find a bright new morning waiting to fill you with an electrifying energy and zeal. Just open your eyes and explore the opportunities and prospects around you.

Though, most of the times I have been receiving praise for my writing but I acknowledge that there are bound to be flaws and this is what gives me hope to be better with each new post. My every write-up gives me a pleasure and calmness than anything else and a motivation to constantly reinvent myself.

The end of one year is the beginning of another year. Last year gave me a lot of learning experience and I am sure the coming one has much in store.  I have a sense of satisfaction and hope that 2016 will bring in more happiness.

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”

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  1. An awesome read…Could relate to your story to some extent..my husband and me too have some such conversations..i m sure u guys make a great couple..!!!


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