Kids! Pack your Bags. Let’s Have Some Fun Travelling!!!

Travelling with our little wonders is more of an expedition than a vacation. It tests your patience and organization skills. Though it sounds funny but trust me, it certainly is! Are you taking a trip with your baby this vacation?

Here are few tips that can help you bring the best out of your journey with your big and small family 🙂

1. Keep it Cool

Kids love to observe. Let them have their own fun time. Do not have a tight schedule. Keep toilet stops, dressing up the kid and his outbursts into consideration. It is a vacation, so enjoy it and let your kid enjoy it too.

2. Book your Room

Plan the destination and book the hotels beforehand. Inform the hotel that you have a kid and make arrangements before time, if any. You can starve but your kid can’t; hence, if you do not get any hotel on your way and have to travel from place A to B peevishly; your journey would be made more annoying with the cries of your baby.

3. Say Cheese

Get some shopping done for your kids before stepping out at the journey and hand over a child-friendly camera or a recorder to keep them engaged. You will really be surprised to see what your small child can capture and how he grooves it with his imagination.

4. Oh! I Forgot the Sweaters at Home

No! You just cannot use those words. If you are travelling to a cool climate, learn the temperature and the climate. Stuff every piece of snow clothes in your bag to avoid last minute shortfall. Help the child with comfortable clothes. Allow them enjoy in the freezing cold weather.

5. It’s Potty Time

You have a fair idea how many clothes your kid changes in a day from potty. Keep that number of sets in the bag while boarding the airplane instead of stuffing them in the luggage, no matter how much short duration the flight is for!

6. Thank God I have a Smart Phone!

At time, Apps on the phones are the best way to keep your toddler from crying while travelling. Apps such as scribblers or music instruments are a must. Carry a book and a crayon box if your kid loves drawing.

7. Sorry, I Got the Flu Mom 🙁

It is a normal situation that you have just headed a new spot and your child is caught with cold because of climatic changes. Do not cut the trip with frustration. In fact, be with your child at the hotel, help him with medicines and let him know your further destinations. Once he is excited enough to jump off the bed and wear the ski boots, he will heal quicker and you can enjoy rest of the journey.

It is a fun time to step out of the daily routine and enjoy few days of your own. Though, most of the time, traveling with tiny tots is a little hectic, make an unforgettable picnic for them and you too. Kids are your responsibility; they will always look at you for support and help. Hence, help by understanding them instead of screaming at them.

Always remember, by helping them you are helping yourselves for a hassle free vacation!

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