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I Support the #MeToo Movement and You?

I Support the #MeToo Movement and You?

Well, after the Navratri Puja, while I hopped on to another ritual for the day, i.e. checking my WhatsApp messages 😛 😛 😛 , a message that flashed onto my screen went like this.

“Today my son asked me

Papa what is this #MeToo?

I said: It is a retirement Insurance plan for ladies

Son: How?

I said: Ladies indulge in everything but when Career is over, invoke this Insurance plan and TV channels provide the cover.”

Ironically, this was coming from a woman herself, that too on a group of 256 ladies!!!

Well, just to clarify in the first place, the idea is not to blame her but to really find out the answer of some questions that came to my mind immediately after I read the message…

“Don’t these questions undermine the sensitivity of such issues in our society?”

The women who took so long to gather the courage, aren’t such forwards breaking them again?

Weren’t these the exact fears due to which such women couldn’t dare to come out and discuss their ordeal?

And the worst part is, why time and again we prove that a woman is a woman’s biggest enemy?

Aren’t these forwards giving those f****n men the courage that the matter will eventually subside?

Aren’t they getting a sort of assurance to keep doing what they have been doing because they will get rid of it easily… thanks to those who are always there to pull the victims down!

Some say that the  #MeToo movement is carried for the sake of publicity..


I mean have you ever wondered at what cost this publicity is coming to such victims? Can you imagine the cost of of being Criticized, Judged, Publicly, Mentally Assault & What not!

Other say, OK, we understand, but Why Now? Where were these women at the time of harassment?

So, for all of them:

To come up and speak needs courage my dear friends… You need to have courage to be that strong! Isn’t this why, women don’t speak up about the harassments they face?

Let us stop this!! Let us make sure that girls overpower this hesitation when something wrong happens to them. The more seriously we take this issue, the more courage will our next generation have to speak in then and there.

I don’t say that there can’t be any false allegations.. .There can be… But till the formal judgement comes, we shouldn’t judge people or encourage such forwards. That’s what I believe!

And moreover, #MeToo is a movement that signifies the requirement of laying sexual boundaries. Who said men can’t have their #MeToo moments? Why are we forgetting that men have been victims of sexual harassment too??? Why are we gender categorizing the same?

It is for women and men alike….. We need to understand that. The only thing we should worry and tune in our focus towards is “Take the issue of Sexual Harassment out of our country.” Drive your energy towards that! And that my dear would really be worth forwarding!

I am not sure if it is really the Kalyug, but what I want to make sure that it is the KALI YUG for the Kalis near me who are ready to teach lessons to all the demons around them.

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